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  • BioTrace Elemental Magnesium


    I had tried several other brands before this for my husband who had terrible aching legs and also leg twitching at night but they caused his motions to be very loose - this was more expensive but works amazingly- easy on the bowel and no more pain in legs or twitching - I am taking as well we both take at night as it also helps with sleeping all round extremely happy even if more expensive...we take in fruit juice as the favour not nice...we found orange juice the best.



  • Very good pain relief.


    I Have rubbed this cream into very sore knees at night and has given me relief and a good nights sleep.

    Janet (Jan)


  • Unsure


    I can't say I noticed any great effect from these capsules. Would prefer something that if you wake in the night you can take another to help go back to sleep.



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