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Humans have been consuming honey for eons – and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s no better natural sweetener to use. Aside from their earthy flavours and robust aromas, our honey products, such as Manuka Honey, enjoy pure, organic cultivation from spray- and chemical-free sites.

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Honey Info

Honey can be more than just delicious! Honey offers a range of health benefits and healing properties (when eaten in moderation!). It also has a lower GI than sugar, making it a great natural sweetener.

Unique to New Zealand, Manuka Honey has highly stable antibacterial properties. But it boasts plenty more ‘anti’s than that: it also hosts antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. It truly is a superfood.

Whether you’re after Manuka Honey, floral honey or even honey with bee venom, browse our full selection of products above to find what you need.

Product Reviews

  • Top quality


    Love this taste honey , best that I have found. Ordering again.



  • More than just flavour


    I believe this thyme honey has properties that are worth paying for; healing properties. I've known all my life that honey is a marvellous healer. My dad was a bee-keeper. I could write pages about stories I know of how people have been helped by using honey. I have some personal stories too in this regard, covering several areas of the anatomy, from eyes to tropical ulcers to haemorrhoids.

    Recently we had some of this Artemis Thyme Honey. One day after doing some work I found I had dust in one of my eyes. So I used the thyme honey, seeing I had some, to see if it would help clean out my eye. I have done this in the past with several types of honey, but on this recent occasion I found that the thyme honey never stung as much as in the past. After only a short while my eye was gunked up as expected and along with the gunk (that rinsed away easily) the dust went out too.

    Due to the nature of some work I was doing I had opportunity to use the thyme honey on my haemorrhoids which flared up temporarily.
    I must say that I'm quite impressed with this thyme honey. I have put some aside purely for medicinal use, when necessary.

    P S


  • Delicious when mixed!


    Love drinking this mixed with cold water or put in a smoothie! Gives a nice tang along with a taste of honey.



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