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Xylitol Products

Introducing Xylitol, nature’s answer to refined table sugar. Why should you consider using Xylitol as an alternative sweetener? Little amounts of Xylitol are naturally found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Also, a Xylitol sweetener has fewer calories than normal refined sugar and is known to be less disruptive on blood sugar levels. So if you’re a fan of a sweet treat or two and would like to try a great tasting natural sweetener, please view our selection of Xylitol products below.

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Xylitol Benefits

One of the terrific benefits of using Xylitol is its great taste. Unlike other artificial sweeteners, there is no nasty aftertaste. Xylitol is 100% natural and looks and tastes just like sugar. Xylitol is now used in a variety of healthy snacks, including chewing gums and mints. It is also becoming common to find Xylitol in dental products such as natural toothpaste and mouthwash, as it may reduce plaque formation on teeth. Feel free to also view our other healthy food selection.

Product Reviews

  • Great Cinnamon flavour and no irritated mouth!


    I really like the taste of this gum and do think the flavour lasts well. My favourite gum used to be Big Red (cinnamon stick gum) but I stopped buying it years ago as it irritated my mouth too much. After reading other reviews I thought Annies might do the same, but I'm so happy as there was no irritation at all! Im so pleased I've found my favourite flavoured gum that uses Xylitol and will definitley buy again.



  • All good, but cinnamon flavour most intense


    My kids love all three flavours: mint is the all time favourite, with the fruit one being a bit sweeter and cinnamon being the most intense, it even numbs your mouth for a short while, but is nice as it keeps its flavour for longer than just the first few seconds.



  • Fruit flavour the best. A warning on the cinnamon flavour..


    I have had all three flavours. It's nice to have a chewing gum with xylitol as apposed to aspartame. The mint and fruit are best. I like the cinnamon but found it was irritating the side of my mouth. It was probably from over-use though.



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