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Good Health

Good Health Body Cleanse Total Detox - TwinPack

Bonus Offer FREE Magnesium Sleep Cream 90gm with 2x Good Health products! 1 free gift per order. Limited time only or while stocks last.


90 / 63 capsules

RRP: NZ$55.90

You save 31% (NZ$17.10)


RRP: NZ$55.90

You save 31% (NZ$17.10)

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Good Health Body Cleanse Total Detox is a liver and bowel detox kit designed as a seven day rapid detox or a one month gradual cleanse.

The kit contains 1x each of Herbal Multi Cleanse and Herbal Multi Fibre.

Detoxing the liver and bowel regularly not only provides the equivalent of a 'spring clean', it also supports the liver so it can perform its important filtering role more effectively.

Body Cleanse supplies Herbal Multi Cleanse containing the liver tonic herbs Milk Thistle, Dandelion root and Turmeric, along with Red Clover, Yellow Dock and Burdock to support blood cleansing and bowel function, and other key nutrients to support liver detoxification.

Also supplied is the comprehensive Multi-Fibre to help soothe and regulate the bowel to assist correct bowel functioning, an essential part of any detox.

Body Cleanse may be undertaken as a rapid one week detox, or a more gentle detox over one month depending on your lifestyle and condition.


7 Day quick cleanse: 

Herbal Multi Cleanse; Adults: Take 3 capsules 3 times daily (9 capsules per day) before food, or as professionally advised.
Herbal Multi-Fibre; Adults: Take 4 capsules 3 times daily (12 capsules per day) with water before food, or as professionally advised.

1 month maintenance cleanse:

Herbal Multi Cleanse; Adults: Take 2 capsules daily in the morning before food, or as professionally advised.
Herbal Multi-Fibre; Adults: Take 3 capsules daily in the morning with water before food, or as professionally advised.


Ensure adequate fluid intake when taking fibre supplements - 1-2 litres per day is recommended. Some changes in bowel habits may occur due to increased fibre intake. If any unusual changes occur, including abdominal pain or extended constipation, seek professional advice.

Lowered absorption of medicines may occur when taking concentrated fibre; therefore it is recommended that Multi fibre should be taken one hour after medication.

Do not take while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Multi cleanse (per capsule):

Herbal extracts equivalent to dry:

  • Silybum marianum Seed (Milk Thistle 10.5gm
    • (Providing 120mg Silymarin)
  • Taraxacum officinale Root (Dandelion) 250mg
  • Arctium lappa Root (Burdock) 150mg
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra Root (Liquorice) 75mg
  • Trifolium pratense Flowering herb (Red Clover) 75mg
  • Rhamnus purshianus Bark (Cascara) 50mg
  • Curcuma longa Rhizome (Turmeric) 50mg
  • Rumex crispus Root (Yellow Dock) 50mg

Other Ingredients:

  • Chondrus crispus (Irish Moss) 35mg
  • Chlorella vulgaris(Chlorella) 200mg
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 150mg
  • Apple fibre (Pectin) 50mg
  • Taurine 50mg

Multi fibre (per capsule):

  • Linum usitatissimum Seed Fibre (Flaxseed) 200mg
  • Psyllium plantago Husk (Psylllium) 200mg
  • Ulmus rubra Bark Powder (Slippery Elm) 100mg
  • Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorella) 50mg
  • Beetroot Powder 100mg
  • Apple fibre (Pectin) 20mg

Good Health

Good Health is a proudly New Zealand operated business, started over a quarter of a century ago by John Blanchard. John’s agricultural career background led him to become fascinated with the health benefits of herbal and oil seed crops, so much so that in 1987 he opened the doors for business, and Good Health began. Today, John’s sons Dave and Brian remain involved in their iconic New Zealand company. As a business, Good Health has grown - they now offer a range of over 350 products to boost natural immunity and enhance health and vitality.

Along with monitoring recent scientific studies and international research, Good Health strives to improve your general health and wellbeing by using only the purest ingredients and sustainable resources.

When you browse our Good Health brand range, you’ll find products that may aid with weight management, immune support and also digestive health, as well as much more.

The most popular products are turmeric capsules assisting with joint and cardiovascular health and magnesium either in a topical or oral form.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us! If we can help in any way please contact us using the details below.

Email: [email protected]

New Zealand Free Phone: 0800 148 148

Other Countries Phone: +64 3 524 8414

Live Chat: Between the hours of 9.30am – 10pm NZST

You can also subscribe to the HealthPost email newsletter for all the latest news, health info and exclusive special offers. Find out more about our guarantee, payment options and delivery times, or view our FAQs page for frequently asked questions and answers.

We also highly recommend reading product reviews. They can be a great way of finding out that little bit extra about products you're interested in.

We publish all helpful customer reviews, including negative reviews - these are genuine!

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Not for me Review by
  • star

I couldn't get through this, the pills gave me indigestion and heartburn.

Worked for Me Review by
  • star

I tried the 7 day detox for the first time and definitely noticed a change for the bloating, no gas, fresher breath, more energy, overall feeling of well being. Only wish the effect lasted longer but will be re-ordering depending on the price. Thank you for a great product!

Detox didn't work for me Review by
  • star

I used this product for 7 days and followed all directions. It worked for the first 2 days but didn't do anything over the next 5days ended up using laxitives with this product to flush my system. I would not purchase again. Im on medications that slow my digestive system down which is why I hoped that this sustem worked but sadly it didn't but this would of also effected the results of this product working for me so it may work for others! I will still continue to shop with Healthpost as they provide great value for money across a wide range of products so although it didn't work for me the other products they sell do.

No noticeable difference... Review by
  • star

I used this product for 7 days following all directions to a t. I cant say I noticed any difference using this and would not purchase again. I realise every body is different and not all people with have the same reaction to the same products. Thats just life I guess. Even though this didnt work for me I will still continue to shop with Healthpost as they provide great value for money across a wide range of products.

Detox Review by
  • star

Did this for 7 days and was great! Felt really good at the end of it, a lot more energy. Will definitely be buying again.

Great product - would use again Review by
  • star

Although popping 21 pills each day (3 MC & 4 Fibre x 3 times a day) isn't much fun I can definitely say I feel the benefits of being on this 7 day programme. My skin is clearer, eyes are brighter and I generally feel less bloated and uncomfortable. I didn't really get any severe side-effects but did have a headache on day 3 - nothing compared to just cutting out alcohol & caffeine etc cold turkey so the supplements must definitely help support the detox there. I lost about 2.5kg (starting from 69kg) over the week which is awesome! Been sleeping like a baby too - just remember to keep the water level up as it's easy to get dehydrated & it's best to keep everything moving!

Excellent Product Review by
  • star

I was a bit skeptical about doing a 'detox', however I am thoroughly impressed with the results. I feel less bloated, sleep more soundly and have stopped craving sugar. I didn't experience any real side effects, except for a minor headache on two of the 7 days. I closely (but not religiously) followed the meal suggestions, upped my water intake and did some light exercise. I lost 1.5kg during the week, which I was very pleased with. I plan on using this product annually now, following Christmas. It's such a great clean out!

Highly recommend Review by
  • star

I highly recommend this product. I took the supplements over 7 days, and then following this started a healthy eating plan, where I lost 4.2 kilos in one week! I have followed the same plan before and only lost 3 kg the first week. I think the success was due to the cleanse beforehand in taking these supplements. Felt a bit nauseous on occasion during the 7 days, but it wasn't unbearable and I figured it was all part of the cleansing process! I now intend to make this an annual event (a spring clean!).

excellent service great products Review by
  • star

The products are reasonably priced, good quality and service is excellent. I would recommend this to everyone.

Great product but like the previous version more Review by
  • star

I start taking this product since a few years ago. The previous version is a single bottle detox product and it was really good. This newer version is good too. I feel having more energy after taking this product.

Items 1 to 10 of 37 total

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Product Highlights

  • 2-part detox system to support healthy liver & bowel function
  • Herbs and nutrients to support detoxification
  • Key herbs to support blood cleansing
  • Great feedback - see 'Read all Reviews' below
  • Check out the Detox - lighten the load on your liver blog article



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