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Food Poisoning

Illness derived through food consumption (also referred to as foodborne disease) is any illness or disease that results from eating contaminated food. Contamination usually occurs via bacteria, viruses, or other parasites that contaminate food (intestinal helminths or 'stomach worms',) as well as chemical or natural toxins contained in food (like poisonous mushrooms, for instance.)
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Food Poisoning Info

Illness derived through food consumption (also referred to as foodborne disease) is any illness or disease that results from eating contaminated food. Contamination usually occurs via bacteria, viruses, or other parasites that contaminate food (intestinal helminths or 'stomach worms',) as well as chemical or natural toxins contained in food (like poisonous mushrooms, for instance.)

Food poisoning usually arises from improper handling, preparation, or food storage. Practicing good hygiene when preparing food (i.e. washing one's hands before, during and after) can reduce the chances of contracting an illness. It seems so simple, but regular hand-washing is the most effective defence against contracting food poisoning. Monitoring the food consumed to ensure it will not cause food poisoning is known as food safety. Foodborne diseases can sometimes also be caused by a variety of toxins that also affect the environment. 

Food poisoning can also be caused by pesticides and some medicines in food (antibiotics in dairy) and toxic substances contained in poisonous mushrooms, uncooked pork or even certain species reef fish.

A healthcare professional should be contacted immediately if suspicion of food poisoning exists. Some natural health products may help the body recover from the nastiness that is food poisoning.

Product Reviews

  • A great product


    I have used Waihi Bush Apple Cider Vinegar for years when I had very bad gastro issues, it helped with the pain and to calm the issues down however that has pretty much resolved now. But I still use the ACV for other things now. Its great for cleaning dog ears and if they have any scrapes. Dilute the ACV with warmish water and clean their ears... kills of anything that is lurking there. Also for cleaning and it is a really great universal product. I have used other ACV and found this one to be the nicest.



  • Excellent Product


    I have been taking this product for 2 weeks now and I definitely have more energy, it has helped with my allergies/hay fever and my hair and skin. Also has reduced my sugar cravings.
    It also tastes really nice. I am taking 2 tbsp a day. Just about to order more. Love it!



  • Charcoal - Nature's Pharmacy


    Every family should have activated charcoal in their medicine cabinet. It is a fantastic detoxifier and is on hand whenever we get tummy upsets, from dodgy foods eaten or just off colour. Pop one or two capsules and it settles your stomach, often relieving diahorrea without having to take the usual anti-diahorrea tablets. BUT ... be careful if you are tasking other medications as it will interfere or null and void their actions. If you are taking other meds it would pay to check with your doctor or pharmacist. But generally, a great thing to have handy. Hospitals use charcoal when there are drug overdoses so it must work.



Wellness Blog

  • Olive leaf: The natural immune-booster

    Olives are a staple of many diets today, and it’s not hard to see why. Along with the pleasantly distinctive flavour, the olive fruit is also thought to be responsible for some substantial health benefits. […]

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