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Food Poisoning

Illness derived through food consumption (also referred to as foodborne disease) is any illness or disease that results from eating contaminated food. Contamination usually occurs via bacteria, viruses, or other parasites that contaminate food (intestinal helminths or 'stomach worms',) as well as chemical or natural toxins contained in food (like poisonous mushrooms, for instance.)
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Food Poisoning Info

Illness derived through food consumption (also referred to as foodborne disease) is any illness or disease that results from eating contaminated food. Contamination usually occurs via bacteria, viruses, or other parasites that contaminate food (intestinal helminths or 'stomach worms',) as well as chemical or natural toxins contained in food (like poisonous mushrooms, for instance.)

Food poisoning usually arises from improper handling, preparation, or food storage. Practicing good hygiene when preparing food (i.e. washing one's hands before, during and after) can reduce the chances of contracting an illness. It seems so simple, but regular hand-washing is the most effective defence against contracting food poisoning. Monitoring the food consumed to ensure it will not cause food poisoning is known as food safety. Foodborne diseases can sometimes also be caused by a variety of toxins that also affect the environment. 

Food poisoning can also be caused by pesticides and some medicines in food (antibiotics in dairy) and toxic substances contained in poisonous mushrooms, uncooked pork or even certain species reef fish.

A healthcare professional should be contacted immediately if suspicion of food poisoning exists. Some natural health products may help the body recover from the nastiness that is food poisoning.

Product Reviews

  • Enjoy using this product,Useful for upset tummies and also good for hangovers

    Use this product for tummy aches or to help prevent a hangover, take a couple of capsules before going to bed and also take a couple of capsules when you get up or after breakfast



  • Taste horrible but works perfect

    You must have this product in your fridge ! It's taste disgusting but my son willing to take it every night.
    This works perfect for digestive system and indigestion.
    Specially Christmas/New Year time this will help your stomach and also good for bowel movement as well.



  • The BEST apple cider & BEST TASTING by far!!

    I've tried many apple ciders in Nz & while travelling overseas in search of the best, in terms of ingredients & taste. I must say that I no longer go with any other brand this Waihi Bush Apple Cider Vinegar. This is by far not only the BEST tasting apple cider vinegar I've had, it is also organic, complete with mother, made in NZ and offers a very good price. Ticks all of my fundamental boxes. It works in aiding my acid reflux and is my must have every morning along with freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water. I have converted a number of friends to this brand now, whom before have also tried different organic and known overseas in the past. I can't really describe how well this tasted compare to others, I found this particular vinegar easier to drink, less acidic and less annoying to the taste buds :)



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