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  • Helpful


    I have pmdd, and while I have only been using a month alongside Artemis pmt tea I have defiantly noticed my mood gas improved. Early d as ys but feel hopeful.



  • Amazing product


    I have been experiencing the WORST pms symptoms for my last 4 cycles. It would start 10 days before my period and I would be in so much pain. I decided to try this product and I'm currently 9 days away from my period and totally symptom free. I haven't changed anything else so I'm putting it down to the evening primrose oil. I highly recommend it.



  • Regulates hormonal acne & healthier skin


    I have been using this product for over two years now, and I can say this product truly works.
    It has helped regulate my hormonal acne. I used to get large cystic acne underneath my chin and along my jawline, after
    taking Efamol (2 caps daily) I don't get hormonal acne or breakouts at all before my period. This product has also improved my skin greatly!
    My skin now appears to have a healthy glow. I highly recommend this product!



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