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Product Reviews

  • Really helpful


    For me this has completely eliminated PMS symptoms (sore breasts, etc.). I feel it makes a substantive difference to my cycle and my wellbeing around my period. I used to use a lower dose (different brand) of Vitex and didn't find it as effective.



  • Brilliant for taming the PMS monster!


    I use these alongside the evening primrose oil and women’s hormone balance and the three are essential for controlling my severe PMS symptoms. I have far less mood swings, less cramps and my breasts aren’t anywhere near as sore. Can’t live without them!



  • Great for me


    I used to have premenstrual syndrome (including headache, abdominal pain, back pain, diarrhea, tiredness) and the symptoms become more and more vigorous recently ( I am 41 years old). After taking this product for 1.5 month, all the symptoms become milder though I would still feel a little bit unease. It makes my life much much better now. Thanks Thompson's and HealthPost. I have stocked up a number of bottles in the Christmas sale.



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