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  • I need this supplement!


    It helps me manages the discomforts and fatigue I experience during ovulation and period. It reduces my bloatedness, breast tenderness and fatigue. No more unbearable cramps during menses. However, I do realize that my cycle lengthen from 28-32 days to 40-44 days. Plus it also increases my libido. Not too sure how it will affect my ability to conceive in the future but IT WORKS for now. No mood swings, no sensitive sappy mood, just me being able to sleep well and be productive in the day at any point of my cycle.



  • So grateful


    After having my 2nd child, an anger that was almost uncontrollable started to rear its ugly head! I put it down to lack of sleep but after trying these, the anger definitely subsided. Give it at least 2 cycles to see if you notice a difference, it took that long for me.



  • These are the best I've tried


    Every time I run out and don't order more I totally know I should have. Great for calmness and general feel well. Periods and ovulation pain is also alleviated. Great product.



Wellness Blog

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    Your body is fuelled by the nutrients you feed it. These nutrients allow your body to grow and maintain itself. One way that this happens in the human body is via the production of hormones ...

  • How is your Oestrogen balance?

    One of the key hormones in a woman’s life is oestrogen and its balance can make our life happy or hell.  Oestrogen makes its first major appearance when we hit our teens and contributes to ...

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