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  • One of the best supplements I have ever taken


    I have been taking this supplement for 2-3 months. It has changed my life. There is no longer a time of the month where the hormones take over and psycho mum/ partner come out. Less arguments and a happier home. My view and life feel way more balanced. So much happier. Energy levels are way more balanced, therefore sleep is better and I’m achieving more with my day. It’s like I have more time... so glad I researched this product. Thanks to all for writing your reviews which convinced me to try this product. And if you haven’t yet try it! You’ll be a NuWoman! Anna March, co founder Raglan Yoga Loft





    Wow, what a difference this has made to my well being. Taken it as 2 doses a day - approx 5-10mls but could not swill it around my mouth for 10 seconds, but did hold it in there before I swallowed it. My PMT has decreased and my mental well being is more relaxed and calm. I feel more in control and have no period pains like I have been experiencing. Highly recommend this product to get you back on track, I will continue to use it "as and when I feel the need" .



  • Great product


    Could not recommend this enough for someone who has unbalanced hormones or is coming off the pill.



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  • How is your Oestrogen balance?

    One of the key hormones in a woman’s life is oestrogen and its balance can make our life happy or hell.  Oestrogen makes its first major appearance when we hit our teens and contributes to ...

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