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Fluid Retention Support

Fluid retention becomes a condition when abnormal amounts of fluid accumulate within either a person's circulatory system or within the tissues or cavities of their body. This in turn causes the legs, ankles, feet, abdomen and other parts of the body to swell. It is also sometimes referred to as water retention.
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Fluid Retention Info

Fluid retention becomes a condition when abnormal amounts of fluid accumulate within either a person's circulatory system or within the tissues or cavities of their body. This in turn causes the legs, ankles, feet, abdomen and other parts of the body to swell. 

Water is found both inside and outside the body's cells. Water is an essential part of the blood, aiding it in carrying the blood cells around the body and keeping oxygen and important nutrients in solution so that they can be taken up by tissues such as glands, bone and muscle. Even all of our organs and muscles are mostly water.

Fluid rich in oxygen, vitamins and other nutrients is constantly passing from the capillaries into the surrounding tissues (known as tissue fluid or interstitial fluid.) This tissue fluid nourishes cells and eventually returns to the capillaries. Water retention occurs as a result of changes in the pressure inside the capillaries, or changes that make the capillary walls too leaky (see oedema and vascular permeability). If the pressure is wrong, or the capillaries are too leaky, then too much fluid will be released into the tissue spaces between the cells. Sometimes so much fluid is released that it cannot all return to the capillaries and remains in the tissues, where it causes the swelling and waterlogging as witnessed in water retention.

The lymphatic system (the other system of vessels in the body containing mainly immunological cells) can act like an "overflow" for the whole system and can return a lot of excess fluid back to the bloodstream when needed. But even the lymphatic system can be overwhelmed at times, and if there is too much fluid, or the lymphatic system is congested, then the fluid will remain in the tissues, causing swellings in legs, ankles, feet, abdomen or any other part of the body.

Lack of exercise is a common cause of water retention, because muscle action is needed not only to keep blood flowing through the veins but also to stimulate the lymphatic system to fulfil its "overflow" function. Long-haul flights, lengthy bed-rest, immobility caused by disability and so on, are all potential causes of water retention. Even very small exercises such as rotating ankles and wiggling toes can help to reduce it.

Lymphatic rebounding on a specially sprung lymphasizer (small trampoline) or skin brushing all over with a loofer or a brush made with natural bristles are two of the best ways to stimulate your lymphatic system to move fluid out of the tissues.

In order to ensure capillary integrity, supplementation with bioflavonoids may be beneficial. Also, many herbal diuretics can help – dandelion leaf tea best here as it contains 5% potassium (so replenishes any lost minerals) and sodium sulphate is the metabolic fluid balancer. Supplementing with magnesium and B vitamins will also help balance the nutrient deficiency and help energise and maintain healthy circulation.

Product Reviews

  • Not Recommended


    This product has a very light cacao flavour and bitter aftertaste. It has a gritty texture too. Couldn't finish the first shake I made. I'll be sticking to whey protein shakes.



  • Amazing Product!


    This is the most amazing stuff! I brought the small bottle,120mls and I'm just about to order my next one.
    I have noticed a real improvement in my energy levels, my anxiety levels are right down, I feel calm, it's fabulous. The only down is that it tastes revolting but I am now used to the taste (I dilute with a little water and drink). highly recommend this stuff.



  • Would not recommend!


    This product is gross. This is the first vegan and raw protein powder I have tried, so I am not sure if they are all like this, but the texture was gritty and repulsive and the flavour was pretty awful too. I could barely drink the first shake I make, I will be giving away the rest if anyone will take it!



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