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Product Reviews

  • Glad I found this product


    SAM-e was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad it was. I was having trouble dealing with the 'electric' feeling you get pulsing through your body when you feel anxious, and it helped take that horrible feeling away. When I get that feeling I can't control, it soothes you internally so you can think more rationally. I don't take the recommended 10 drops and it still works fine for me. Will definitely buy more when I run out.



  • Helpful, but possibly not for everyone


    I started taking this SAM-e product to help with fibromyalgia and mild depression. The recommended dose on the bottle of 10 drops twice a day, made me quite anxious, and nauseous, and caused quite painful stomach cramps. It did however significantly help reduce my nerve pain, and I do feel more motivated and less overwhelmed by life in general. With some experimentation, I now take 5 drops a day with food, and a b vitamin complex. This dose seems to be quite effective for me, but without the side effects I had on the higher dose.



  • found at last...


    This product is prescribed in the UK for Arthritic conditions as well as depression. As I was losing sleep over the aches and pains of osteoarthritis and pain killers do not suit I am pleased to say this Sam-ee really helps have a more restful sleep, resulting in feeling more refreshed, also clearer in the head:)



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