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Supplements & Natural Health

Supplements and natural health:: choose from a huge range of products from NZ's and the world's best brands, all able to be swiftly delivered to your door at discount prices. Our 25+ years of experience in natural health means you can shop with confidence knowing we only stock quality supplements to optimally support you and your family's health.

Supplements & Natural Health

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Supplements & Natural Health

Supplements and Natural Health: Ideally, we should be getting all of our nutrients, minerals and essential vitamins from the food we eat daily. Unfortunately, due to eroding soil conditions and subsequent mineral depletions, many of the most essential minerals and vitamins are either absent or significantly diminished in our food. As a result of this reality, we may need to supplement on a daily basis. HealthPost stocks New Zealand’s leading organic and natural health supplements, guaranteed to have been sourced sustainably by taking any potential environmental impact into consideration during their harvesting. HealthPost has a rigorous selection process for new brands and products, ensuring the highest quality and integrity of the products we stock.

Product Reviews

  • Flaxomega - Certified Organic Flax Seed Oil

    Flaxomega - Certified Organic Flax Seed Oil

    good brand good price

    I use flax oil in my smoothies to get my EFAs. It is great for my skin and helps balance my hormones. I find it is cheaper than the capsules and is a good brand.



  • Eczema Shield

    Eczema Shield

    A product that ACTUALLY works

    My baby was diagnosed with eczema at 12 weeks. I took this pro-biotic as a breastfeeding mum and her eczema has gone!! She is now 7 months and I will continue to use it. When I stop breastfeeding I will give it to her directly. Thank you Ethical Nutrients - a blessing for a first time mum with no experience of eczema.



  • Garcinia Cambogia 1300

    Garcinia Cambogia 1300

    Day One

    So I'm on the first day and pretty excited after doing extensive reviews of the product. First hurdle is I have a terrible terrible headache...which hopefully will improve in time. There were no real instructions with the product and there seems to be several different recommendations about when to take it. I am assuming the best is to take it twice a day an hour before lunch and dinner??? I am a full time law student so I hope the headaches are short term



Wellness Blog

  • New Generation B Complex – Best Pregnancy Vitamins

    While preparing your body to create a baby, and definitely throughout pregnancy certain B vitamins need to be supplemented. Because all the eight essential vitamins making up the B Complex group are so closely related […]

  • Forget about the Barmy Army, how about the Brahmi Army?

    Brahmi is a medicinal herb with a long and powerful history, and while its fans have been praising its virtues, western circles are only just beginning to recognise it as a potential cognitive enhancer. So, […]

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