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Supplements & Natural Health

Supplements and natural health:: choose from a huge range of products from NZ's and the world's best brands, all able to be swiftly delivered to your door at discount prices. Our 25+ years of experience in natural health means you can shop with confidence knowing we only stock quality supplements to optimally support you and your family's health.

Supplements & Natural Health

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Supplements & Natural Health

Supplements and Natural Health: Ideally, we should be getting all of our nutrients, minerals and essential vitamins from the food we eat daily. Unfortunately, due to eroding soil conditions and subsequent mineral depletions, many of the most essential minerals and vitamins are either absent or significantly diminished in our food. As a result of this reality, we may need to supplement on a daily basis. HealthPost stocks New Zealand’s leading organic and natural health supplements, guaranteed to have been sourced sustainably by taking any potential environmental impact into consideration during their harvesting. HealthPost has a rigorous selection process for new brands and products, ensuring the highest quality and integrity of the products we stock.

Product Reviews

  • Triple Strength Garlic + C, Horseradish

    Triple Strength Garlic + C, Horseradish

    Good product

    However doesn't always work sometimes we get used to it



  • Flax Bloom

    Flax Bloom

    Not the best taste, but really nutricious

    I've been using Flax Bloom when pregnant with our daughter and breast feeding. Being vegetarian flax is the best source of Omega and I felt it really help during pregnancy.

    Not the most pleasing taste (well, neither is fish oil), so I either took a quick shot or mix with other food. My husband tried a bit out of curiosity and he said he didn't mind it ;)



  • Childrens Ultivite

    Childrens Ultivite


    My kids absolutely love these, they really like the taste. They always remind me if I forget them at meal times. Its' hard to say if they actually make a difference however it seems as though they do not get as sick with colds etc when they are taking them. I would recommend these and am about to buy some more.



Wellness Blog

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  • Vitamin E: The Antioxidant to Rule All Others

      When it comes to the mopping up of free radicals in the body, no vitamin comes close to being more effective than Vitamin E. Free radicals are basically any molecule that has extra space […]

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