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Supplements & Natural Health

Supplements and natural health:: choose from a huge range of products from NZ's and the world's best brands, all able to be swiftly delivered to your door at discount prices. Our 25+ years of experience in natural health means you can shop with confidence knowing we only stock quality supplements to optimally support you and your family's health.

Supplements & Natural Health

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Supplements & Natural Health

Supplements and Natural Health: Ideally, we should be getting all of our nutrients, minerals and essential vitamins from the food we eat daily. Unfortunately, due to eroding soil conditions and subsequent mineral depletions, many of the most essential minerals and vitamins are either absent or significantly diminished in our food. As a result of this reality, we may need to supplement on a daily basis. HealthPost stocks New Zealand’s leading organic and natural health supplements, guaranteed to have been sourced sustainably by taking any potential environmental impact into consideration during their harvesting. HealthPost has a rigorous selection process for new brands and products, ensuring the highest quality and integrity of the products we stock.

Product Reviews

  • Liposomal Magnesium

    Liposomal Magnesium

    Highly recommended for restful sleep and relaxation

    I have been taking this product for about 2 months. At first the taste was unpleasant but I persevered and now find it quite agreeable. Even my kids have become accustomed to the taste - so don't let that put you off.
    It is very effective for sleeplessness - shortly after taking it, I feel very relaxed and sleepy. I recommend taking it not long before bedtime.
    It has helped me sleep better and possibly even contributed to better mood.



  • Iodine Oral Drops

    Iodine Oral Drops

    iodine drops

    Great product. Have used on several occasions over the years for sluggish thyroid. Its easy to use and has no horrible taste.



  • Zinc Oral Drops

    Zinc Oral Drops

    Excellent support for Acne/Pimples

    I have suffered from hormonal acne and pimples for years now. This product is amazing because it makes such a visible difference. When I feel a painful acne rearing its ugly head, I double the number of drops from my daily 5-7 t0 10-12 drops and viola, no more acne or pimples. It has changed my life! Highly recommended.



Wellness Blog

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    Bioactivity and the Methylation Cycle B Complex vitamins are a group of eight related water soluble vitamins that are not produced in sufficient amounts in the human body, and therefore classed as essential. We need […]

  • Do your moods plummet with the mercury?

    As Autumn rolls around do you find your moods drop along with the leaves from the trees? If you feel you suffer from the winter blues, you may have a mood disorder known as seasonal […]

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