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For centuries, women have looked to herbal medicine to help them with the many unique needs they have through many stages of life, from puberty to the childbearing years and onwards to menopause. One of the herbs that has stood the test of time and remains as popular now as it has done in history is Vitex agnus-castus, or Chaste Tree.

HealthPost has a variety of products containing Vitex, both on its own and in tailored complexes for numerous women’s health needs.

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Vitex Info

In our busy, modern lives, the need for assistance with our female cycles is greater than ever. Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and a world loaded with endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as BPA, glyphosate, and oestrogenic food compounds all play a part in wreaking havoc on our hormones.

Vitex agnus-castus is a herb that has been used throughout history for its balancing effects on the hormones – particularly for women – providing relief from many common menstrual problems, and may support healthy progesterone levels. Vitex may assist in the relief of women’s health problems including PMS, breast pain and menopausal symptoms, and may also help milk production when needed.

Available on its own or in complexes, this traditional herb is a favourite for those wanting to balance their reproductive system.

Product Reviews

  • Absolutely exceeded my expectations!


    I was having constant hot flashes and struggling. Within the first week of taking these, they had stopped the flashes completely and I could not be happier! Would highly recommend.



  • Take it every day for the last 5 years


    It's helps with my moods I tried going off it just to see if I really need it or not and noticed a change so I'm back on it and have been taking it for a least 5 years now.



  • Hormone hero


    Have been on Vitex for years but this product has been more effective especially for me in terms of reduced breast tenderness, more regular cycle and acne has all but disappeared, which in your 40s is a relief. I still get some pmt but am happier on this product.



Wellness Blog

  • What women need to know about the vitex agnus castus fruit

    Every woman knows how uncomfortable premenstrual syndrome or PMS can be, with even the mildest symptoms able to cause a disruption to your everyday habits and routines.  Most people accept the bloating, food cravings, irritability […]

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