Our Sugar Policy

Our Sugar Policy

 To help our customers make Better Choices, our Sugar Policy is a guarantee that our entire range of supplements and protein powders are free from surprise sugars. That doesn’t mean no sugar, simply that we have strict limits in place for the amount of sugars in supplements and protein powders, where you’d least expect them. 

Our Sugar Policy also means that we advocate for transparency for customers from our brand partners for any sugar content in supplements to be disclosed on site. Supplements, unlike foods, aren’t required to list their sugar content so it can be more difficult to understand the sugar content.  

Our sugar limits apply to:

Item Maximum Sugar


4g per daily serve

Protein Powders

7.0 gm total sugar per 100gm unless sweetened / flavoured with natural fruit powders. 

We don’t set sugar limits on food products, but we encourage customers to review the Nutritional Information Panel (NIP) so that they can see how much sugar is contained in the product they are buying. The easiest way to do this is look for the amount in the per 100gm column so that it’s easier to think of it as a % of sugar in the product.  

What about artificial sweeteners?

Our Red List of ingredients we don’t accept includes ‘first generation’ artificial sweeteners. That means we don’t stock products containing: Aspartame (951), Cyclamate (952), Saccharin (954). 

From our extensive research, there wasn’t sufficient evidence to restrict ‘second generation’ artificial sweeteners. We accept products that may contain these artificial sweeteners, including: Acesulfame K (950), Sucralose (955), Neotame (961). We always encourage our suppliers to use natural sweeteners as often as possible.


If you want to avoid artificial sweeteners altogether, you can shop our Artificial Sweetener Free  range.