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Mindful Brand


Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner

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Pregnancy / Breastfeeding Friendly
Palm Oil Free
GMO Free
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Mindful Brand Antipodes is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner features pure, mineral rich New Zealand Waiwera water (voted the world’s best water* ) to deliver skin-nourishing antioxidants and nutrients to the epidermal layer.
Premium botanical extracts blend with the natural minerals in pure 15000 year old Waiwera artesian water (voted the worlds best water*) that springs from deep within the New Zealand earth.
Omega and antioxidant rich raspberry seed assists in increasing lipid content and decreasing moisture loss. Meanwhile aloe vera and anti-inflammatory marshmallow act to soothe irritated or stressed skin, and mamaku black fern helps regenerate and foster healthy cells.
Discover for yourself the secret enchantment of exquisite Bulgarian rose oil, with the petals from thousands  of handpicked roses required to make a single precious drop.
Whereas traditional toners often strip the skin of natural moisture, exposing the epidermis to further damage, Antipodes Ananda toner offers blissful hydration whilst calming the skin and nourishing it with antioxidants and nutrients.
A good organic toner is a proactive anti-ageing tactic in any serious skincare routine – for both men and women – and can help protect sensitized and sensitive skin from ageing by boosting water hydration levels which decrease as we age.
Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner fosters healthy skin cell turnover with mamaku black fern, along with raspberry extract that is high in omegas to help strengthen stressed and delicate skin.
Ananda has dermatological approval for sensitive skin**, and is also suited to sensitized and normal skin conditions. 
* Voted ‘World’s Best Water’ of premium bottled waters, Decanter magazine (2008).
** Tested on 50 women by an independent New York laboratory.

Waiwera Artesian Mineral Water

  • a powerful boost to skin’s own hydration levels
  • naturally rich in minerals. Magnesium, and calcium
  • a way to deliver beneficial nutrients and antioxidants to the epidermal layer

Bulgarian Rose

  • a relaxing tonic to tend the soul
  • an aromathreapy treatment for mature skin and eczema
  • a way to impart joy which freshens the face




Antipodes 有机抗氧化柔和爽肤水喷雾蕴含多种天然有机活性成分,循严格的配方制定标准,不含酒精、无皂、无对羟基苯甲酸酯、无着色剂。能即时提供肌肤水分和水化皮肤,为存在压力的皮肤提供深层滋养和保湿的功效。而且还能舒缓肌肤并让皮肤清爽紧缩小毛孔的功能。特别适合敏感肌肤,质地轻盈,易于吸收,成分天然,不会给肌肤造成负担。

○ 规格:100ml

○ 品牌:Antipodes

○ 产地:新西兰


○ 富含纯天然植物草本精华活性成分,成分天然,所有肌肤类型均适用。

○ 喷雾设计,携带使用简单、快捷。具有深层滋润及修护功效的爽肤水。

○ 质地温和易吸收,不刺激肌肤,不油腻,无添加任何人工色素、香精、防腐剂。


○ 能够有效清洁、保湿、净化肌肤,使用后的肌肤不紧绷。

○ 滋润保湿,净透肌肤,令肌肤明亮有光感,恢复晶莹通透感。

○ 促进皮肤自我修复能力,深层修护皮脂膜,加强肌肤天然保护层。

○ 净化肌肤,疏通毛孔,紧致肌肤,抚平细纹,让肌肤恢复年轻状态。


○ 清洁面部后,直接喷于面部及颈部肌肤,有助于进一步清洁、补水,以促进后续护肤品的吸收。



○ 鳄梨油

○ 覆盆子

○ 玫瑰精油

○ 纯净水

○ 甘油

○ 维生素


○ 使用前应仔细阅读标签,本品仅供外用;

○ 请勿将其放置在儿童可触及的地方;

○ 请存放于避光、干燥、不高于25摄氏度处;

○ 使用时,如果不慎碰触到眼睛,请用大量清水冲洗;

○ 使用过程中如有过敏现象,请停止使用并寻医问诊。

アナンダ アンチオキシダント リッチ ジェントル トナー






★★★★★ V
素敵!リジョイス ライト フェイシャルデイクリームと一緒に使うと効果倍増。すごく気持ち良いし、肌が潤いで満ちていくのを実感しています。

★★★★★ H
Daily Ritual: Mist across the face and neck after cleansing with an oil-based or cream cleanser, and before applying a serum and moisturizer, as well as throughout the day over make-up for an immediate moisture boost and relief from environmental aggressors.

Aqua (Waiwera Artesian Mineral Water)
Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera leaf)**
Cyathea medullaris (mamaku extract)
Gluconolactone, sodium benzoate
Dehydroacetic acid
Benzyl alcohol
Althaea officinalis (marshmallow extract)
Rubus idaeus (raspberry extract)
Rosa damasca
(Bulgarian rose oil)**

** Certified Organic ingredient.
  • Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin
  • Replenish nutrients with Mamaku & Bulgarian Rose
  • Also 'Best in the World'* Waiwera mineral water
  • You may be interested in the new Sensitive and Sensitised Skin blog article

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(Out of 20 Total Reviews)
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16-09-2020 12:59:44
A Good one.
16-09-2020 12:59:44
This is a refreshing, gentle lotion which I often use on its own for nighttime moisturising on hyper-sensitive skin.

20-03-2020 19:30:09
Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner
20-03-2020 19:30:09
Love this soothing toner for setting my makeup and prefer this over all other makeup setting sprays. Not only is it soothing on my sensitive skin, it helps to relieve my anxiety when feeling stressed.

24-08-2019 19:30:13
24-08-2019 19:30:13
I have been a fan of antipodes products for a long time. I love this gentle toner with it\'s subtle rose scent. It is calming and uplifting.

06-02-2019 22:32:05
Gentle & Soothing
06-02-2019 22:32:05
This toner is gentle, as the name says - tones skin without making your skin feel tight & dry. I've used this toner for years - would never change. Thankyou Antipodes for your wonderful natural products.

10-02-2018 13:09:36
Beautiful scent
10-02-2018 13:09:36
I usually hate spray toners even the other Antipodes one. This one is much nicer for me as it has a fresh scent and leaves skin refreshed and glowing. Sometimes this is all I use in my skin at night after cleansing. Hasn't made acne worse or better but skin is smoother in general.

24-11-2017 14:58:48
24-11-2017 14:58:48
I wasn't expecting miracles from this product, despite being a committed Antipodes user. I already use their cleansers and creams. I very quickly noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin and the feel is lovely. I've used before bed and suffer no unpleasant tightness or dryness even without following with night oil or moisturiser. Recommended!

01-11-2017 22:06:59
Great product
01-11-2017 22:06:59
Really lovely product, calming as well as moisturizing. I have only been using it for a month and it looks like my pores are also getting smaller.

31-10-2016 06:48:33
31-10-2016 06:48:33
I have a sensitive skin lots of acne. This product is so gentle does not cause irritation. If you're tired of washing your face at night, this productis right for you.

16-06-2016 18:20:22
The toner is very good,I like it very much!
16-06-2016 18:20:22
This bottle of toner is cunducive to water
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