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Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream



RRP: NZ$62.50

Save 20% (NZ$12.60)


RRP: NZ$62.50

Save 20% (NZ$12.60)

Antipodes luxurious Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream is a multiple award-winning product including the 2016 Best Moisturising product in Janey Lee Grace’s prestigious Platinum Awards.

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream promotes superior collagen production and the regeneration of healthy cells. Contains 100% pure avocado pear, calendula, and sandalwood oils plus antioxidants and is packed with Vitamins E, A, B1, B2, C and D for superior restorative qualities. It also features calendula; oil from the petals of the marigold flower which is highly regarded throughout history for its healing and repairing properties.

Now also contains the potent antioxidant Vinanza Grape, to help neutralize the free radical damage.

Manuka honey serves to soothe and moisten your skin and the warm and mystical aroma of sandalwood both purifies and uplifts your skin.

Resurrect your skin using this deeply nourishing night cream with superior restorative qualities. Essential oil aromatherapy also works to purify, soothe and uplift your skin.

Antipodes Feature Article on Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream.
Natural Anti-ageing by Night – by up to 92 Percent.

The new formulation of Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, which has just been launched, is clinically shown* to enhance the production of collagen that gives skin strength and elasticity.

The high-performance night treatment with selected premium plant oils and antioxidants stimulates synthesis of collagen production in human fibroblast skin cells by up to an impressive 92 percent.

Designed to deeply hydrate your skin while you sleep, the rich avocado oil based botanical night cream with exotic aromatics of sandalwood and ylang-ylang restores life to skin overnight.

It contains healing marigold to help bring a truly ageless visage and Vinanza Grape® which helps neutralize the free radical damage that can lead to premature ageing. This revolutionary ingredient, used for the first time in the world in skincare by Antipodes®, is a potent antioxidant extract from Marlborough sauvignon blanc grapeseeds.

The clinical results prove the anecdotal feedback from women about the skin-enhancing properties of the new formulation. They report textural improvements, improved hydration and reduced appearance of wrinkles at an epidermal level.

The independent laboratory Trinity Bioactives Ltd used blind study clinical testing to examine the production of collagen on human skin fibroblasts in culture. This third-party laboratory in-vitro analysis is more sophisticated and less subjective testing than that used by other beauty brands.

The impressive results showed that type I synthesis of collagen was stimulated by 92 percent, just 48 hours later. Once applied, the rich cream is absorbed into the dermal layer, which contains the fibroblast cells. Because it takes at least 24 to 48 hours to activate collagen synthesis, the best results come from using Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream cumulatively.

Apply at sunset by caressing into the face, neck, and cleavage after cleansing and toning. It should be used night after night for ultimate revitalization and is suitable for most skin types.

Clinical results for other Antipodes® products were: Kiwi Seed Eye Cream – clinically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen product in human skin cells by up to 82 percent; Hosanna Intense Hydrating Serum – clinically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen product in human skin cells by up to 72 percent; Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream – clinically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen product in human skin cells by up to 59 percent; and Divine Face Oil – clinically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen product in human skin cells by up to 51 percent.

* Trinity Bioactives: Investigation into the Effects of AntipodesProducts on the Production of Collagen by Human Skin Fibroblasts in Culture, 2009.


Daily Ritual:  Apply at sunset by caressing into your face, neck and cleavage. For a super-restorative effect, use Antipodes Divine Face Oil first.


  • External application only.  Patch test prior to use in the unlikely event of negative reaction discontinue use and consult health practitioner. 
  • For best results from our pure plant ingredients use within 6 months of opening. 
  • Recyclable glass / handle with care / store in cool dark place below 21c. 
  • Contains nut oil. 

Premium bioactive ingredients:

Manuka honey
Avocado Oil
Vinanza Grape

Full list of ingredients:

Aqua (water)
Butyrosperum parkii (shea butter)
Squalane (vegetable) extract
Persea gratissima (avocado oil)
Leptospermum scoparium mel (manuka honey)
Macadamia ternifolia (macadamia oil)
Calendula officinalis (calendula oil)
Cocos nucifera (coconut oil)
Cetearyl olivate
Sorbitan olivate
Lecithin (vegetable extract)
Gluconolactone, sodium benzoate
Calcium gluconate
Vitis vinifera (Vinanza Grape grapeseed extract)
Vitamin E
Essential oil fragrances of sandalwood, ylang ylang & patchouli: benzyl benzoate*, benzyl salicylate*, citral*, d-limonene*, linalool*, eugenol*, farnesol*, geraniol*, isoeugenol*.

* Component of essential oil


Antipodes love taking the best of New Zealand nature to the world. Their range of certified organic and premium natural skincare and makeup is sold in 12 countries internationally, as well as their homeland New Zealand where it’s proudly made.

Antipodes is so popular around the globe that you can find its products in such far-flung destinations as the UK, France and Canada. This is a brand with a difference, committed to eco-friendly alternatives. All Antipodes products are certified safe for vegetarians and boast recyclable packaging. Even better: Antipodes is a carbon zero-certified business. Whether it’s the Antipodes Organic Divine Face Oil scented with ylang ylang, sweet orange and jasmine, or the apple-and-cardamom Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Browse our selection of Antipodes products above to find organic and ethical skincare and natural makeup products.

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Antipodes鳄梨滋养晚霜是一款屡获殊荣的产品,能够促进优质胶原蛋白的产生以及健康细胞的再生。含100 %纯鳄梨油、金盏花、含抗氧化剂的檀香油,以及维生素E, A,B1 , B2 ,C和D,为肌肤提供卓越的修复力。






日常护理:晚间洁肤后轻轻按摩整个面部,颈部及前胸。可在此之前使用有机鳄梨油面部精华油(Antipodes Divine Face Oil)改善肤质,效果更佳。



  • 麦卢卡蜂蜜
  • 鳄梨油
  • Vinanza葡萄籽精华


水,牛油,角鲨烷,鳄梨油,麦卢卡蜂蜜,澳洲坚果油,金盏花油,椰子油,卵磷脂,山梨醇,葡萄柚籽提取物,葡萄籽提取物,檀香油,广藿香油,飞机草,苯甲酸苄酯*,苄基水杨酸,柠檬醛,D -柠檬烯,芳樟醇,丁香酚,金合欢醇,香叶,丁香酚*,苯氧乙醇,维生素E。






Antipodes在国际市场上大获成功,目前已远销英国、法国和加拿大。Antipodes是一个非常特别的品牌,是生态环保的全面践行者。所有Antipodes的产品都有素食安全认证,所有包装都可回收再利用。更值得一提的是,Antipodes是一家零碳足迹认证企业。无论是含有ylang ylang、甜橙和茉莉的Antipodes Organic Divine Face Oil 还是含有苹果和豆蔻的Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser,都会让你物超所值。

アボカド ペアー ナリッシング ナイトクリーム




効果を最大限に高めたいときは、アンティポディーズ「Divine Face Oil」を先に塗って、その上からこのナイトクリームを塗布して下さい。



保存法:リサイクルガラス使用。 割れないように丁寧に扱ってください


★★★★★ A 

★★★★★ R

★★★★★ H

★★★★★ L
アンティポディーズ製品を色々試すようになり、大ファンになりました。このナイトクリームも素晴らしいです。私はJoyous Night Serumに混ぜて使っていますが、塗った翌朝の肌はとってもソフト&スムーズ。露をたっぷり含んだような、水分たっぷりの極上肌になり、触るのが楽しみでなりません。間違いなく、今まで使ってきた中のベストクリームの1つです。

★★★★★ D

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If you're on the fence - buy it! Review by
  • star

I have been so impressed by this night cream. It's just the right consistency - not too thick and not too light. My skin feels amazing and nourished. Since using it for the last 2 weeks I've noticed a marked improvement in my skin tone and texture. Very happy with this cream!

So soothing Review by
  • star

I've been using this Antipodes night cream for many years and would never change. It's so nourishing & soothing on my skin & I even use it on my hands in the winter months when I get painful splits on my knuckles & around nails - works better than any of the hand creams I've tried which never seem to absorb as well as this amazing night cream. Love the smell too!

Go to night cream Review by
  • star

This is the best anti ageing night cream I’ve ever used and I’ve tried plenty!
Love the texture works so well on tired skin rehydrates beautifully after wind or sun dries it out
Love it

Lovely Review by
  • star

Very thick and hydrating so a little goes a long way. A lovely light fragrance. Highly recommended.

Gorgeous feel, rich Review by
  • star

Lovely BUT, I just can't get over the smell. I don't like the smell. The cream is glorious. Very hydrating. sometimes a little to heavy for my combination skin. But nice to use as a mask, then wash off. I just can't use it much due to the smell being so strong and it gets on everything. Bugger, as it is truly lovely

great for dry skin Review by
  • star

nice cream to use although pricey so may not use all the time

Love it! Review by
  • star

Been using this night cream for about a year now. Have tried other natural creams but this one suits my mature skin better. Skin feels nice and moisturised in the morning. Great to use as a day moisturiser in the cold weather too as long as you use a little.....it goes a long way! Smells divine. made in NZ too.

Divine! Review by
  • star

I can’t get enough of this beautiful cream. My skin wants it day and night so who am I to argue? I apply it just after washing my face so that little bit of dampness helps the cream smooth on. Love the fragrance too, like aromatherapy in a jar. Thank you Antipodes x

Fabulous Day and Night Creams Review by
  • star

Loved both the night and the day creams and the gorgeous extra tube of cream and I am so happy with them I have now reordered. They are perfect for my skin which is very dry and sensitive and I have trouble finding any products that suit. I also love the fragrance of these creams.

Wouldn't buy again. Review by
  • star

I find this to be a little greasy on my face but I think it does nourish.
I will not buy it again as I find the perfume overpowering and it lingers on the pillow.

Items 1 to 10 of 117 total

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  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
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Product Highlights

  • Clinically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen production in human skin cells by up to 92%*
  • Deeply nourishing: 100% pure oils, antioxidants & vitamins
  • Suitable for most skin conditions


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