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Esterified BioActive C Powder

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BioBalance Esterified BioActive C Powder™ is an esterified, non-acidic form of Vitamin C with higher bioavailability than regular ascorbic acid. Even at increased dosage, BioBalance Esterified BioActive C Powder™ is gentle on the stomach and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Support For

  • Higher bioavailability than regular vitamin C products
  • Fast absorption and improved retention
  • Non-acidic and gentle on stomach
  • Powerful immune support and antioxidant action
  • Supports iron absorption and wound healing

Vitamin C is essential for human health and as our bodies can’t produce it, we rely on daily dietary sources. In times of stress or illness we need more of this vital nutrient to repair tissues and restore optimum health. A potent antioxidant, BioBalance Esterified BioActive C Powder™ supports the body’s immune system and natural resistance to ills, chills and allergens. It supports iron absorption and wound healing.

  • Always read the label and use as directed.
  • Supplementary to a balanced diet.
  • Or as directed by a healthcare professional.
  • Store below 30°C in a dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

TAPS Code: PP7696

Adults: Take 1/4-3/4 teaspoon (equivalent to 1000-3000mg) daily.
Children: Take up to 1/4 tsp (1000mg) daily.
Dissolve in juice for taste. Best taken with food.

Per serving - 2g (approx ½ tsp)
Calcium (as Calcium Ascorbate)  188mg
Magnesium (as Magnesium Ascorbate)  18mg
Vitamin C: 1680mg
Threonic Acid (as Theronate)  16mg
Total Carbohydrates   1680mg
Gluten and dairy free, no added sweetener, no added flavourings. 

  • Higher bioavailability than regular vitamin C
  • Fast absorption & better retention
  • Non-acidic and gentle on stomach
  • Powerful immune support & antioxidant action
  • Supports iron absorption and wound healing


4 out of 5
(Out of 17 Total Reviews)
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12-09-2019 13:33:16
Disguise the taste and it’s a winner
12-09-2019 13:33:16
It’s true it tastes revolting, but that’s easily disguised by using some of those stevia water drops (raspberry or pineapple work well). Very gentle in the stomach. A good product without the price tag of lypo vitamin c

Marg Becker
02-07-2019 16:56:44
My wakeup and get moving support
02-07-2019 16:56:44
I use BioBalance Esterified BioActive C Powder\nalong with Cell food as the first drink of the day. This refreshing drink wakes me up, clears my sleepy brain and tends to flush the kidneys within an hour or so. Great to drink before morning exercises. \nI would also use this combination 2-3 times a day if there is any sign of a chill developing.

27-01-2019 13:37:40
The best Vitamin C
27-01-2019 13:37:40
Love this stuff - it took a couple of days to get used to the taste but now the other brands seem overly sweet.

02-07-2018 18:02:58
Phenominally good
02-07-2018 18:02:58
This product is astonishingly good. I've been taking capsulated Vitamin C for years, with some stomach discomfort, but this powder is totally fine, plus I noticed an extraordinary increase in vitality and well-being a few days after starting to use it. Amazing stuff!

11-06-2018 12:18:35
Really great product but the taste is not very nice
11-06-2018 12:18:35
This is a top product however the added ingredients that make it a top product also make it taste not so nice. I DO take it but it's not pleasant so is best added to other foods to disguise the flavour. Love that it's a local product.

10-04-2018 00:39:50
The bug... eso"terrified" of this
10-04-2018 00:39:50
Good product, not irritable on the tummy, glad of it's price and availability even find it pleasant to drink as we don't add sugar to much in our home so the taste is just kind of "earthy" Most of all I love the name as I feel it scares the bugs away! ;-)

15-03-2018 20:17:32
Good stuff. I recommend it.
15-03-2018 20:17:32
I have used this product over a year and found it to be great. It does taste horrible, but it doesn't upset my stomach. I do agree that it may not be tasty for children. It has helped keep the winter bugs away. As soon as I get any sign of a cold, I take big doses of it.

08-09-2017 00:25:24
Taste is awful. Impossible to drink
08-09-2017 00:25:24
Bought this for my kids but they won't drink it because it is very bitter. What's the point of using a vitamin c and having to disguize it in a sugary drink? Even the adults in my house won't drink it.

07-07-2017 18:14:38
It dose work
07-07-2017 18:14:38
I have been taking Esterified Bioactive C Powder for some months and I have not had any cold or flu symptoms this winter. I belief this has strengthened my immune system. I found to start with that it did not taste very nice but now find it quite pleasant taking it.
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