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When you cut open a fresh apple you may notice that the once white flesh quickly starts to turn brown if it’s not enjoyed immediately. This is the process of oxidation. The same chemical reaction also rusts iron and produces free radicals that may cause cellular damage and aging in your body.

Cellfood is formulated with oxygen, minerals, plant enzymes and plant sourced amino acids to assist in nourishing your body and neutralising free radicals.

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Our body would only function a few minutes without oxygen. We depend on oxygen for speaking, moving, thinking, sleeping and much more. Cellfood Original Concentrate is a safe, natural way to not only help minimise free radicals, but to also utilise them to form stable oxygen molecules. This unique formulation of 78 elements and trace minerals also provides your cells with a great mineral nutrition boost.

With toxins, physical or emotional stress and illness depleting the body’s mineral and oxygen reserves, taking Cellfood daily provides nutrients that may support the body's efforts to strengthen the immune system, aid digestion and improve circulation, making it an ideal way to deliver balance and harmony to the body.

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Product Reviews

  • Strong detoxifier


    On my second bottle in a row now. Started out gradually building up to the maximum dose. A bit of trial and error may be required to find ideal dose. I've found six drops, three times a day works for me.



  • Not Sure


    I bought this, knowing I need to work on my hydration, based on all of the super-positive reviews. I've been using the drops daily for nearly a month now (and at the suggested 3x/day dosage - sometimes more) - and I don't notice a difference. In fact, if anything, I feel more dehydrated now. I'd used the BioTrace Elite electrolytes previously and they did make me feel like my hydration had improved. The only reason I switched was when I went to reorder I noticed Cellfood in the list of electrolyte products, read the reviews and thought I'd give it a go. I will note that I don't taste anything with the CellFood product in water, while the BioTrace product has a bit of a taste to it. Anyway, I wish this had been as wonderful for me as it has apparently been for others.



  • Impressed


    I’ve been using the cell food as directed and I’m amazed at how different I feel. I will be buying more as it is as awesome as others have said



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