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Humble Brush

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Humble Brush

Humble Brush was founded to create products that are good for you and kind to our planet.

Product Reviews

  • Not ideal for babies


    I know it is advertised as a kid's toothbrush so I'm probably not justified to complain hence why I'm rating it as 'very good' rather than 'satisfactory', but I ordered it for my toddler who only has 6 teeth and it's probably not quite suitable for him at his age yet. It is slightly too big and the bristles are not soft enough for a baby/toddler. Would be great to have an option for younger kids/babies/toddlers.



  • Fun and planet-wise


    My daughter enjoys choosing the next colour, this definitely makes brushing time more fun. The bonus is no guilt that there is more plastic going to landfill when I toss the brush out.

    Slightly large for under 3, but I have been using it since my daughter was 18 months.



  • Doesn't do the job


    I was wanting so much for this toothbrush to make my teeth squeaky clean and was pleased to be doing my bit for the earth but sadly it came up short. I gave it a 2 month trial, replacing the brush after a month. It left my teeth with that furry feeling on every occasion and couldn't reach the back of the mouth very well. I found the nylon bristles in both brushes came lose and ended up in my mouth. I'll return to my tried and true and keep a look out for an eco toothbrush that can also deliver on a fresh breath clean.



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