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So you’ve had a ‘big night out’ and feel less than ideal when you wake. You promise yourself that you’re never drinking that much again. That is a great idea, but in the meantime Hydrodol can help your recovery from the nasty effects of the morning after hangover.

It is a complete formula that can help lessen the symptoms of a debilitating hangover by replacing the vital minerals and nutrients that your body loses when you drink alcohol, so that you can wake refreshed and feeling fantastic.

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  • Hydrodol

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Hydrodol is completely natural and simply helps replace what drinking removes from your body. Alcohol can leave you feeling severely dehydrated because it strips nutrients such as essential amino acids from the body.

Taking Hydrodol while you’re drinking helps restore lost nutrients including amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants to bring balance back to the body. It’s an ideal product for the side effects of a hangover - for those occasions when you've overindulged.

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Product Reviews

  • Absolutely worth your money


    Tried twice so far. Both on nights I knew I was going to have enough drinks to really test them out.
    First time I felt fantastic the next day, while my friends were very unwell !
    Second time I had a minor headache but nothing that would stop me from living my life as normal.
    Both times I know I would've been feeling sorry for myself hadn't I taken them.
    Overall, I think they're absolutely worth trying, I am buying them again as we speak.



  • Works great for me!


    Tried this out a few times now with different drinks and amounts, it definitely takes away that headache and nauseous feeling the next day. Will be getting some more for the summer!



  • great product!!!


    Tried and put to the test a few times, felt great the day after.



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