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LivOn Laboratories

LivOn Laboratories focus primarily on the production of antioxidant nutrients, and their use of easy-to-take liposomal products improves the bioavailability of these products enormously compared to standard forms.

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LivOn Laboratories

In recent years the development of liposomal technology has meant that nutrients can be targeted for absorption in ways that were never possible before, and pioneering this technology has been LivOn Laboratories.

Why Lypo-Spheric Range

Water-soluble nutrients such as vitamin C, that would otherwise not be able to be delivered directly into cells, are able to be absorbed directly in high doses thanks to the lipid bi-layer that encapsulates the molecules.

The potent antioxidant Glutathione, normally difficult to absorb directly and most commonly taken as its precursor NAC, is able to be taken as a pre-formed nutrient.

Lipoic acid can be protected from the gastric juices that usually destroy it and delivered straight to the bloodstream and into cells. This enables it to do its job of recycling antioxidants efficiently.

Product Reviews

  • Best Vit C


    This is one of the best forms of Vit C available. I use it to make my own "flu shot" along with essential oils, coconut oil, and honey. Far superior to any vaccines and SAFE:)
    It is expensive to use on a daily basis but I would if I was diagnosed with any auto immune disease/cancer, as I know it is effective when dealing with serious health problems.



  • A must product to build immune system.


    Very good product. Took this after my operation until today. Amazing results.



  • The ultimate Vitamin C


    This is seriously the best vitamin C you can buy. My family have been using this product for years and it stops colds and illness in it's tracks.
    Would recommend it to anyone wanting to boost their immune system and to help stay healthy. HealthPost also has it at a great price!



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