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New Era

New Era Biochemic Remedies are homeopathically prepared from safe, natural and non-habit forming ingredients. They are based on Dr Schuessler's Nutritional Biochemic System of Medicine.
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New Era

New Era Homeopathic Tissue Salts are sometimes referred to as ‘Biochemic Salts’ or ‘Cell Salts’. Rather than treating “like with like“, as is the case with orthodox homeopathic medicine, tissue salt remedies treat ailments by correcting imbalances or deficiencies in the body’s cell nutrition. Tissue Salts still maintain physical quantities of the original substances, although in minute form (6x).

Wilhelm Henrich Schussler (1821-1898) devised the homeopathic tissue salts as nutritional therapy, observing that when there was a deficiency of certain ’tissue salts’ then symptoms would be produced. He believed that these were the basic salts that every cell in the body requires for optimum health, noting that they are the salts that remain in the ash when a body is completely combusted at cremation.

Product Reviews

  • Great result


    Very pleased with the results from taking this product. Fluid retention no longer a concern.



  • makes sense


    I'm of a certain age where supporting my bones and ligaments is a very good idea, so naturopath has put me on these simple tablets. Who knows if they're working but it makes sense.



  • Fantastic


    This is the cell salt that I am deficient in due to being born in Virgo.

    Have noticed really positive results since taking these, particularly my hair growth and overall zest.



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