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Mindful Brand

Do Gooder

Ecofloss Pure Silk

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Mindful Brands
Mindful Brand Do Gooder is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
Do Gooder Ecofloss Pure Silk is a little thinner than the Bamboo Charcoal Floss so easier to use if you have quite tight gaps between your teeth.

Comes in a recycled and recyclable glass bottle. But even better is the bottle is reusable, eliminating waste. Packaging is also recycled and recyclable paper. Plastic-free, biodegradable, zero waste.

30m pure silk candelilla wax – natural mint flavour.
Hold your ecofloss bottle upside down before drawing out the floss. This helps prevent the ecofloss dropping from the dispenser top when you cut the length off.
Get yourself a decent length – you want to be able to hold it comfortably and skimping on it makes flossing a very tricky job. About 30 cm is a great length.
Wrap it around your hands or fingers until you end up with a short section between both hands – this will help you control it.
Gently slide the ecofloss between the teeth. Curve it around the surface of one tooth so it follows the shape of the tooth and gently slips under the gum surface.
Once you have the floss in between the tooth gently move up and down, in and out against the surface of one tooth. Switch to the other tooth. Curve the floss around the surface of the other tooth and do the same. Essentially you are just wiping or scraping the plaque off each surface of the tooth.
Do between each tooth – don’t forget to do around the backs of the back teeth. You will be amazed what you find there. Dispose of the used floss in the rubbish bin. 
Refillable glass bottle
Stainless steel lid
Mulberry silk floss
Natural mint flavour
Candelilla wax
Kraft paper box
Soybean oil ink
  • Fully biodegradable dental floss
  • Refillable and reusable glass bottle
  • Plastic-free
  • Zero waste

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24-08-2020 16:16:08
Breaks & Gets Stuck in Tight Gaps
24-08-2020 16:16:08
I do love the eco-friendliness of this product. The container is awesome and so neat the you can get refills. That said, I might not be getting a refill as I have had the floss break and get stuck in my teeth too many times! My teeth are quite close in some places, and I have been cautious when flossing those tight gaps, however the floss just isn't quite strong enough. I ended up having to use my 'old' flosser to get the silk floss out :( Perhaps a combination of silk floss where I know it's safe, and the other floss in the difficult places will be the way to go...

07-06-2020 11:54:11
Amazing floss
07-06-2020 11:54:11
Perfect my partner and I love it. No more plastic packaging, and far better alternative to regular commercial floss that has nasty paraffin in it. Easy to use, dispenses really well, gets in between teeth without breaking and flaking. So you don’t need larger length compared to other floss. Affordable and long lasting. We brought x 2 spares and x 2 canisters. Thank you for having this product to purchase. Very grateful.

julie welsford
21-05-2020 10:50:43
Do GooderEcofloss
21-05-2020 10:50:43
Love this product. Small size fits in washbag and doesnt take up too much room when travelling.

02-03-2020 13:26:07
Love this floss
02-03-2020 13:26:07
So great to find a sustainable floss in a glass jar! Easy to use and does the job nicely. Will definitely be getting refills!

27-02-2020 18:30:03
Excellent! Tough but soft
27-02-2020 18:30:03
I am used to using dental tape so I was a little disappointed when I saw how thin this floss is - but when I used it I discovered it was far better than any other comparable product I\'ve tried over the years. It is thin enough to really get into the crevices between the teeth yet soft enough that it doesn\'t stress your gums. On top of that it seems super tough and doesn\'t shred easily. I will definitely be buying this product again! First rate!

22-11-2019 18:30:11
Ecofloss is good.
22-11-2019 18:30:11
Needed to be done. Works a treat and looks quite styley too.

13-08-2019 18:30:59
Great floss & compostable!
13-08-2019 18:30:59
We love this floss and we\'re totally converted! The reusable packaging is awesome, and super cute too :) Just a little tip - before we break the floss we loop a little bit extra against the container so that it\'s easy to grab for the next use, otherwise it slips back in.

09-07-2019 18:03:22
Conscience free flossing
09-07-2019 18:03:22
This floss is much stronger than I predicted. I have very small gaps between my teeth and this floss coped well under the tension. It is a thicker floss than most of the mainstream plastic varieties but does the same job and I will definitely be buying it again. Lovely glass bottle to store it in too. Highly recommend.

09-07-2019 17:59:06
Good purchase
09-07-2019 17:59:06
I added this to my cart a while back when I purchased some other products thinking this would be a great alternative to toothfloss in plastic containers, and it is. I love that it\'s refillable too. Really sustainable & good quality floss.
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