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Dose & Co
Mindful Brand

Dose & Co collagen blends are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. We stock Dose & Co Pure Collagen and Collagen Creamers, the perfect addition to your morning coffee, tea or smoothie. Available in fresh flavours and dairy-free options.

We are unable to stock Dose & Co protein powders as their current formula does not meet our Sugar Policy, which accepts no more than 6.5gm total sugar per 100gm.

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Founded in New Zealand in 2019, Dose & Co believes in nourishing the body from the inside out, with effortless, everyday self-care. From day one, the goal has been to ensure Dose & Co is good in every way. The range of premium products are made here in New Zealand with natural ingredients and high-quality collagen.
Dose & Co is a Mindful Brand:
Environmentally Sustainable Environmentally Sustainable
Transparent Transparent
Socially Responsible Socially Responsible
Eco Packaging Eco Packaging

Dose & Co

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