Founded by Malcolm Rands in 1993, Ecostore is a New Zealand company specialising in eco-friendly laundry and body care made without the use of the myriad toxic chemicals found in the majority of personal care products on the market today. From haircare to skincare, there is something for everyone in HealthPost’s carefully selected Ecostore range.

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Despite an ever-increasing availability of health and beauty products in today’s market, and growing consumer awareness of the detrimental effects of many common chemicals on both our health and our environment, there are few companies specializing in organic personal care that is both safe and effective. Ecostore have led the way in New Zealand for over 20 years, from humble beginnings in its founders’ basement to the international company it is today.

With everything from lemongrass soap to baby nappy balm, shampoo and conditioner for various hair types, and a fun yet safe bubble bath, the whole family are covered by this affordable and iconic kiwi company.