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Sports Tanka Screw Cap (800ml)

Plastic Screw Cap
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Mindful Brands
Mindful Brand ECOtanka is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
ECOtanka Sports Tankas hold a volume of 800mls (three regular sized glasses), are ultra light and measure approximately 230mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area. eco tanka
ECOtankas look modern and very attractive, while at the same time offering one of the most hygienic surfaces that is available. Stainless steel is very easy to clean and it's unique surface has no pores or cracks to harbour dirt, grime or bacteria. This ensures that your bottle stays completely clean and safe for years to come.

ECOtankas are ultra light and durable, they are not lined with any material and they do not break down or leach in any way. They are completely safe and non-toxic. A 1-year warranty is also offered against faulty manufacturing. Fluids can be changed from a juice or sports drink back to water, and there is no tainting or after taste. Drinks from an ECOtanka always taste beautifully clean and fresh, and the stainless holds them cooler for longer periods of time.

All ECOtankas are solid 304 high quality stainless steel food grade and have a 1 year warranty against faulty manufacturing. Stainless steel has a life expectancy of over 100 years, and is 100% recyclable. ECOtanka lids are made from Polypropylene #5 and are 100% BPA free, safe and non-leaching. 
  • Do not place in the freezer.
  • We do not recommend washing any stainless steel bottle in your dishwasher.
ECOtanka bottles are very easy to care for: Simply wash and rinse well the same as for your dishes.   Alternatively, baking soda and warm water can be used to cleanse and freshen your bottle.  They may be sterilised with boiling water.
​​​​​​​This product is made from stainless steel 304 18/8 (1.4301), austenitic steels.
The material contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel
The product material is free from lead and other contaminants.
This product does not contain an internal coating and is free from any other chemicals.
  • Eco-friendly
  • BPA free
  • Safe & non-leaching

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07-06-2020 19:54:49
Great water bottle.
07-06-2020 19:54:49
I have had trouble with my children breaking the inner of expensive double-walled water bottles. These are hard-wearing, a good size and kids love them.

10-01-2018 17:17:44
Excellent Product
10-01-2018 17:17:44
Great quality product! No metallic taste and easy to drink from. Great size. Bought one for each family member and they are all very happy with it.

01-01-2018 17:13:14
Best drink bottle ever.
01-01-2018 17:13:14
Durable, easy to clean, no plastic or tinny taste. They make great practical presents too.

23-01-2017 14:20:03
Excellent product
23-01-2017 14:20:03
This is an excellent drink bottle. It is easily cleaned,durable can go into the fridge or freezer, no tainted water taste and it will last for years. I know because I had one for many years that I lost recently and so have purchased another. I do recommend the kooler covers, however as I had dropped my last one several times and it had dented but I have a cover for my new one and that should not happen again. A REALLY GREAT PRODUCT.

Water ... Shaken Not Stirred
22-06-2016 05:59:11
Excellent Product ... Just a few Tips to ensure Total Fufilment
22-06-2016 05:59:11
The pricing and delivery service for this bottle was excellent. The packing seemed a little excessive for an eco product (large box with heeps of packaging), however, it was all recyclable packaging which is great to see. I love the bottle. Definitely no more plastic taste and easy to clean due to the big opening. Keeps nice and cool due to the good quality stainless body. Being a designer myself I can't help but look for potential improvements in things but this is pretty good. I would perhaps question the embossed logo in the bottom of the bottle with respect to hygiene and cleaning but it hasn't proven a big issue so far. Be aware also that the large opening at the top is more like drinking from a glass than a bottle, that is if you tip too fast you will end up with a face full of water rather than a well pressured flow all into your mouth. To be honest I had hoped that "Screw Top" meant I was to be supplied the cap with the smaller sized screw cap on it in part for this very reason so was a bit disappointed when it arrived with the single large screw cap. I must admit though upon a closer look that the photo clearly shows the large screw lid and the other lid must be the sports lid. When I tightened the lid one time to ensure a good seal the top part of the lid clicked off, I thought I had broken it and the other half was stuck in the bottle, however, I managed to clip the top part back on fairly easily and so far it has held together fine without the same thing happening again. All up this is a beautiful and good quality bottle that appears to achieve its hygiene and environmental benefits nicely. Great work to the company. I can not fault health posts delivery too. Thank you, cheers as I drink to your and my health from my ECOtanka :)

19-03-2015 17:45:55
19-03-2015 17:45:55
useful except sports cap.

29-12-2014 01:40:55
Great light weight stainless steel bottle.
29-12-2014 01:40:55
I have the plastic screw cap bottle and use it everyday. Its never leaked, it's been dropped a little and survived. And there's no plastic lining on the inside. Durable and easy to clean and no funny taste in the water.

03-10-2014 00:05:30
My whole family use this
03-10-2014 00:05:30
Better than any plastic bottle and safe and easy to clean. Just one thing, dont drop on the floor, it dents quite easily.

05-08-2014 09:46:56
Fantastic Product
05-08-2014 09:46:56
I purchased my Eco Tanka bottle back in 2011 and forgot to do a review! This is honestly one of the best purchases I have made. This bottle will outlast any plastic bottle, 3 years and still going strong! Perfect size, easy to clean, nice weight and no bad tasting water. 4 of these a day and I'm set! The only thing to remember is you need to release the screw top a little when drinking otherwise not much will come out, not a huge problem though. Fits into a bike holder too! Highly recommend this product!
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