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GO Healthy

GO Stress Remedy

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Go Healthy Go Stress Remedy contains 400mg of L-Theanine (free form) per VegeCapsule. Taken daily, this 1-A-Day formula supports good mood, relaxation, calming and helps to chill out over-stimulation caused by caffeine and stress, while also supporting mental clarity and focus without drowsiness.

Unlike many supplements, GO Stress Remedy can be used to support those taking prescription mood medication as L-Theanine supports healthy levels of the brain’s natural calming agents for that relaxed feeling of good mood and well-being.

During times of extra stress, or panic feelings, such as flying, interviews, exams, public speaking you can increase the dose to 2 a day maximum. 

  • Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation.
  • If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, please consult your Healthcare Professional.


Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily.

Best taken between meals on an empty stomach.

During times of extra stress, anxiety or panic feelings, such as flying, interviews, exams, public speaking, you can increase the dose to 2 Vege capsules a day maximum, short term. Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

Ingredients per VegeCap:

L-Theanine (free form) 400mg

May contain encapsulating aids.

Contains no added: Wheat, corn, yeast, milk, artificial flavours or preservatives. 

  • 400mg of L-Theanine (free form) per VegeCap
  • 1-A-Day supports mood and well-being
  • Supports those taking prescription mood medication
  • VegeCap Advantage

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09-08-2020 20:03:36
Excellent product
09-08-2020 20:03:36
I want to always have this in my cupboard! It is excellent. I have recommended to my daughter, her friend and my mum, and they are all loving it too. It is very calming, great for stressful times or just general stress management.

02-07-2020 07:18:53
Really works
02-07-2020 07:18:53
These have been so awesome.. As a long time anxiety sufferer I have never wanted to go near Dr prescribed meds for anxiety. I use these in conjunction with bach rescue remedy, but I feel these are far superior to rescue rem! No ill side affects from me and I occasionally take 2 if needed. I have them normally on an empty stomach before breakfast.

06-04-2020 00:30:24
Didn't work for me
06-04-2020 00:30:24
I tried a couple of bottles of this but didn't notice any beneficial effects.

Danielle Bradley
04-10-2019 18:30:09
Vegan capsules for stress relief
04-10-2019 18:30:09
These work well, I use these when life sometimes gets a bit stressful or if my nerves are picking up before a flight. Non-drowsy and soothing.

30-09-2019 14:19:58
Helps to calm
30-09-2019 14:19:58
I have found this product helps to calm and relax without feeling dopey! \n

22-09-2019 18:30:10
Good purchase
22-09-2019 18:30:10
I\'m a shift worker and I find when I take the L-theanine prior to bed that I can get to sleep more easily no matter how messed up my rhythm is. Recommend it.

13-09-2019 18:30:19
Excellent product
13-09-2019 18:30:19
This is a great product to use to assist your body during times of stress, highly recommend it.

04-09-2019 18:30:13
Thank you Health Post :-)
04-09-2019 18:30:13
Absolutely fantastic for Anxiety and young guys brings a calming, non sedative effect. One of my boys is intellectually impaired and experienced extremes amount of stress last year and then not long after he contracted glandular fever on top of that and has just now come through it all. We have been using a lot of the Go Healthy range over the last year and a half and love it!. We couldn\'t leave the house without our son having full on panic attacks/seizures.(He is in his mid 20\'s) so took our doctors advice (we were quiet desperate) and went and filled a prescription for propanolol and that did help for a while but wasn\'t fixing the problem properly. Was very reluctant to try anymore medication as earlier on we tried different ones but had lots of side effects. So i had this bottle of stress remedy in my pantry that i had ordered about a year before for myself as thought i needed something to help me through the times when our young man was sick and no one could tell us what was wrong with him. I only took one and got a massive migraine and thought well i don\'t need them(i don\'t get migraines usually) and put them back in the pantry. A year later i accidentally gave it to my son thinking it had magnesium in it and the next morning he was noticeably intellectual and talking so i went back and checked the bottle because it had made a noticeable improvement. So we started with one a day and he was improving each day intellectually gradually changed from 4 propranolol a day to these capsules. We found they did run out of effect by night time so trialled 2 x day AM & PM . and had an amazing effect on his mentality, he was speaking clearer, his mood was lifted, he wanted to engage in everyday activities. After 2 or 3 months i thought we would trial 1 x a day yeah he declined in his interest in life he became more non responsive didn\'t want to join in with anything so we started him back on 2 capsules twice daily along with his 1x probiotics and 1x multi vit and 1 x Go cherry sleep. He has now exceeded his capability levels he was at with his swimming and with his work at the tree nursery before he got sick actually then ever before. He wants to be a contractor now , and he is staying on task honestly more then he ever did, this is being noticed with a lot of people who know him. This young man has always had a kind heart and well meaning through all his adversities and we have been through the ringer and back the last year and a half and confined to our home not knowing what was really wrong with our son so i had a lot of time to research and thats when i discovered Health Post and could have things delivered to home. Fantastic service and supplements with great information at good prices. Thank you health post for having this service and information available. \nNote: Our younger son who\'s 18 is also using the Go Healthy range of 1x Probiotic, 2x Go Stress Remedy plus 1x Go Vitamin C each day what a difference it makes he went through what i would term the teenage stage. Grumpy, tired all the time, not sleeping properly and getting more withdrawn and just couldn\'t keep his life in order eating showering basic stuff but now what a different kid it didn\'t take long to notice the change chilled out happy and family engaging it really has been an amazing journey these last couple of years. I have written this review in the hopes it may be helpful to someone one day! Just an amazing product L-Theanine!

23-08-2019 18:30:16
Fantastic for anxiety
23-08-2019 18:30:16
I highly recommend this (I combine this with Biotrace Relax Complete) for anyone suffering from anxiety/racing thoughts/stress. I tried St Johns Wort, and it amplified my symptoms because I wasn\'t addressing the more manic symptoms I\'d been experiencing. I take these in the morning. I see some take at night time for sleep aid, but I find if I\'m calm during the day I\'ll sleep well at night. \n\nI was prescribed lorazepam a while back, and was reluctant to take it. I took a quarter dose a couple of times on days I had extreme anxiety and it helped me get through a tough situation. This combination of Go Healthy and Relax Complete I can honestly say has had a very similar effect - but a much healthier alternative. I feel relaxed, and while stress and worry is still there at times, the racing thoughts have dulled right down, so I am no longer dealing with obsessive thoughts and the resulting chest pain. Give it a go!
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