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Adrenal & Glandular Health

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Adrenal & Glandular

Adrenal fatigue and glandular health is often overlooked, and misunderstood as general exhaustion or stress. Our glandular system communicates using hormones that travel between a network of glands and organs to regulate digestion, metabolism, growth, body temperature, menstruation, sleep quality and many, many other voluntary or involuntary functions.

Imbalance within this system can cause a variety of health concerns and symptoms that may include severe fatigue, low libido, feeling light-headed, severe PMS, blood sugar imbalance, sleeping poorly and more.

The adrenal gland - an organ the size of a walnut that sits on top of each kidney, is part of the endocrine system that produces over fifty different hormones involved with many things including growth and development, blood sugar control, and regulating our ability to deal with stress. Adrenal fatigue is any decrease in the ability of this gland to function normally. Commonly, this can happen when sustained high stress levels overextend your body’s capacity to recover and stabilise.

Maintaining regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, keeping a positive attitude and doing things that make you happy could help maintain the general health of the glandular system and also your wellbeing.

Please see above our carefully selected range that may support glandular health.

Product Reviews

  • Very helpful for glucose control.


    After using this product for 3 months I was no longer pre-diabetic. My HbA1c dropped from 42 to 34 and has stayed that way for several years now. I just take the tablets 3 times a week to keep the levels down.



  • All round great product!


    Ive found this product maintains energy levels smoothly , i only take one in the morning and it provides clarity and energy (no foggy brain) throughout the day without the 'overdrive' feeling that some vitamins give you. I love Ashwaganda and recommend this product to anyone needing an extra boost in their day.



  • It cleared my blocked Eustachian tubes- thank you Clinicians!


    This is an amazing product, so I was surprised to see all the negative reviews. (but apparently only about being too sweet?).

    So don't let that put you off, this stuff is amazing.

    For years I have had trouble with blocked ears, which has caused much stress and turmoil with balance and dizziness etc
    I've tried nearly every remedy under the sun and this is the ONLY thing that cleared out the blockage. It's a absolute miracle. I've tried VitC by itself (didn't work) but I think the combination of the ascorbic acid & Vit C is key.

    I take this every day now (no nasal sprays, no allergy tablets!)

    I give it 5+ stars.

    ps: Yes it is sweet, but I have mine in a glass of sparking soda water, and it's actually quite nice that way.



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