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Thyroid Health Products

Arguably one of the most important organs in the body, the thyroid gland plays a vital role in the overall health of a person, controlling ones’ metabolism and impacting many other body systems. For many people, it needs extra support. There are a wide variety of products that may support the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, including kelp and iodine, tyrosine and other nutrients.

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  • Clinicians
    60 capsules

    RRP: NZ$34.90

    Save 32% (NZ$11.00)

  • Clinicians

    RRP: NZ$24.90

    Save 31% (NZ$7.70)

  • NZ$14.90

    RRP: NZ$22.00

    Save 32% (NZ$7.10)

  • Thompson's
    60 tablets

    From NZ$16.50

    Save up to NZ$3.40

  • Solgar
    50 vegecaps

    RRP: NZ$34.08

    Save 32% (NZ$10.78)

  • GO Healthy
    60 vegecaps

    From NZ$22.10

    Save up to NZ$14.80

  • Harker Herbals
    500ml, 250ml

    From NZ$25.50

    Save up to NZ$11.40

  • Nature's Sunshine
    60 capsules

    RRP: NZ$40.70

    Save 19% (NZ$7.80)

  • Nature's Sunshine
    100 capsules

    RRP: NZ$32.70

    Save 19% (NZ$6.20)

  • Nature's Sunshine
    100 capsules

    RRP: NZ$31.40

    Save 19% (NZ$5.90)

  • Skybright

    RRP: NZ$27.90

    Save 23% (NZ$6.30)

  • Vita-Fit
    80 tablets

    From NZ$9.90

    Save up to NZ$2.31

  • Nature's Way
    100 capsules

    RRP: NZ$33.90

    Save 16% (NZ$5.30)

  • Nature's Sunshine
    100 capsules

    RRP: NZ$34.10

    Save 19% (NZ$6.40)

  • Nature's Sunshine
    120 capsules

    RRP: NZ$36.10

    Save 19% (NZ$6.80)

  • Ethical Nutrients
    30 tablets

    RRP: NZ$41.95

    Save 22% (NZ$9.05)

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per page - 16 Item(s)

Thyroid Health Info

The thyroid gland is located in the throat, and controls the body’s metabolic rate. It uses various nutrients, primarily iodine, to produce thyroid hormone, and interacts with the other organs of the endocrine system. When it is under or over-active, a person can experience effects throughout the body, from fatigue and weight gain to poor digestive health, hormone health, neurological symptoms, poor temperature control, anxiety and more.

Unfortunately, thyroid disorders - primarily hypothyroidism, but also hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease – are a major problem in New Zealand, with around 70,000 people prescribed medication for thyroid problems in 2008 and 10% of the population affected at some point in their lives.

Low dietary intake of iodine, fluoridated water, and other endocrine and immune system disorders may play a role in the onset of thyroid disease, and as such, supporting nutrition may assist in the prevention of thyroid problems.

Product Reviews

  • Get onboard!


    I mainly ordered this product because I have hypothryoidism and am about to start a course and was worried that I would not have the brain cognition to actually do any good in class!

    I have been taking this product now for two weeks and am quite impressed. And, worth noting, I only remember to take it 1-2 a day and have not yet had the 3-4 times a day dosage. (If I did, I could possibly then change my rating from Very Good to Outstanding!)

    What I have found is: an increase in energy and an increase in brain function. I've been finding myself doing chores (home and work) that previously I had been putting off as I just couldn't get my head space right to concentrate to get them done. So we can also put a tick next to "increased motivation"!

    If energy/brain function/motivation were previously at a 6 out of 10, they are now at an 8.

    I am also going through peri-menopause and have slept better since being on Thyroid Balance. I have also noticed my hot flushes have reduced quite significantly.

    The taste is very bitter but I'm finding I'm getting used to it. I just have a glass of water and a snack (eg a couple dried apricots) to have immediately after to help get rid of the taste after I've swilled it around in my mouth.



  • Amazing


    Thank you Health Post



  • Unsure


    Trying this on advice of a wise natural therapist, despite blood results maintaining I'm NOT low in iodine! No contraindications. A very handy size and roll on application. Thnx



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