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Memory Loss

There are a number of products available which may support brain function and may support our ability to recall things both short and long-term, including a number specifically formulated to support healthy memory function. Look at our range of products that may support healthy brain function and recall.

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Memory Loss Info

Our memory is one of the most vital parts of our mind in terms of our daily functioning and quality of life. We use it constantly, mostly without even realising – whether it be the subconscious lists we keep in our short-term memory, remembering appointments, times and phone numbers, or long term memory involved in those things we look back on with fondness which become the fabric of the stories of our lives.


What can impact memory?

Sometimes, circumstances can impact on our ability to recall things properly, whether that be short or long-term, temporary or permanent. This could be the result of an accident or trauma, which may impact the memory surrounding the event in question and involve ‘memory blanks’, or illness, which involves the loss of critical areas of the brain tissue itself.


What can I do to support my memory?

Besides ‘exercising’ your brain with daily puzzles and learning, there are numerous products designed to support brain function, including:

Ginkgo biloba is a herb that has long been associated with healthy brain function, and may assist with circulation and blood flow to the extremities and head.

Choline and phosphatidylserine are nutrients that play a role in neurotransmitter function and manufacturing, which may support healthy nervous system function and development of healthy neurons.

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Product Reviews

  • "Probably" good


    I have been taking this now for over a year, and no more tinnitus have recurred and the eyes have not gotten any worse...

    If this is a consequence of Tebonin, or would have happened by itself, or did happen for different reasons, is of course impossible to say.
    That is why I write probably. If you have Normal Pressure Glaucoma, you need the best possible blood circulation in your optical nerve and Tebonin is supposed to improve just this!

    If you think Tebonin might be for you, I suggest: try it!



  • Recommended by Doctor


    Tebonin was recommended after a micro-bleed behind the eye. I have been taking 1 a day for five years with no recurrence and no side effects.



  • seems to have been working well for the past few months.


    I have used it from time to time but am considering keeping it up without breaks over the winter as I have done in the past as it seems to have been working well for the past few months.



Wellness Blog

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    According to Alzheimer’s New Zealand, dementia affects 1.1 per cent of the New Zealand population. Dementia, a term for degenerative brain diseases that impair basic mental processes such as memory, abstract thinking, reasoning and other ...

  • Alarming new facts on our current brain health

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