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Children's Probiotics & Nutrition Supplements

From fussy eating to low immunity and all sorts in between, there are many reasons infants and children may need an extra boost to help from time to time. As children start preschool, they often suffer illnesses and may need extra immune support to help them through. HealthPost carries a range of products designed especially for the needs of infants and children, from probiotics to vitamins and minerals.
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Children's Probiotics & Nutrition Supplements Info

There are many reasons why our young people may need an extra nutrition boost, and these can start from very early in life. Current research suggests that while these procedures are often life-saving, probiotics may be helpful for infants born by caesarian section or who have had antibiotics early in life, to help ameliorate an altered microbiome, and support immune function.

Vitamin D may be needed for children who don’t get enough time in the sun, and many vitamins and minerals are lacking in the diets of kids who go through stages of fussy eating, missing out on vital nutrition.

HealthPost’s range of infant and child nutrition products has all bases covered, from probiotics to minerals such as iron, magnesium and iodine that may be missing in their diets.

Product Reviews

  • Used to be the best! Gutted about the flavour change!


    Both my boys loved the old version, so much they were like 'treats'! However they have recently changed the flavour and now they won't even touch them, spat them out immediately. I thought they were being dramatic so I tried them myself, yuck, I couldn't handle the bitter taste either. A whole bottle wasted sadly!



  • Kids Magnesium


    I haven't noticed a difference yet with going to sleep easier. Hopefully it will come as this is our first bottle. My children are not too keen on the chalky texture though.



  • Terrible flavour


    Just received these today and gave them to my 5 and 3 year olds. Wow, they really didnt like them. So I tried one too and can confirm these are not palatable at all. Id say they are chalky, with a hint of berry, with a medicinal aftertaste.

    There are better tasting kids multis out there.



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