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Travel & Jet Lag

Jet lag occurs when our internal body clock is disrupted through crossing time zones in long-haul travel, often turning our day into night and vice versa, and bringing with it the potential to ruin the first few days of an anticipated holiday. HealthPost carries a range of products designed to assist sleep and minimise the problems associated with long-haul travel.
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Travel & Jet Lag Info

While most people love travelling overseas and exploring the world, for those of us hailing from the lands ‘down under’ it often involves crossing multiple time zones, and with that the onset of jet lag on reaching our destination. Even a few hours’ disruption to our body clock can have an impact on our sleep patterns and lead to periods of insomnia or wakefulness at inappropriate times.

Fortunately, there are numerous herbal medicines, minerals and homeopathics available that may assist the immune system and support the body in regulating sleep and combating the symptoms of jetlag. Immune support is also important when travelling to minimise the chances of contracting circulating airborne pathogens.

Look at HealthPost’s carefully chosen range that may assist in travel and jetlag, ensuring a good start to your holiday.

Product Reviews

  • Actually works!


    Amazing now I can go fishing on a boat! Worked really well.



  • Mrs


    I have just finished my first bottle of Tart Cherry and would definitely recommend them. They will take a week or two to kick in before you get the full nights sleep, but now I have found them so beneficial and just going to order my second bottle.



  • Good product


    While away overseas I used a low dose sublingual melatonin which worked a treat to stop early morning waking (1-2am). I t was easy to obtain over the counter but here in NZ melatonin has to be prescribed which doesn't include the low sublingual dose, so I thought I would try this product.
    Used with Clinicians 5-HTP 2 caps and a Magnesium capsule it seems to be the best combination for me.
    Most nights get 6-7 hours sleep straight.
    Will continue using this product.



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