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Essential Oil

Awaken your senses and indulge yourself with our selection of beautiful essential oils, which not only enliven any room, but may have many therapeutic properties as well. Whether for aromatherapy uses, personal care or for household cleaning alternatives, you can benefit from using essential oils everyday.

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Essential Oil Info

Our sense of smell is a powerful sense. It is related to our limbic system that handles our memories and feelings. Using certain essential scents therapeutically such as rosemary oil could promote calm and relaxed feelings, while other oils like lemongrass may be used for an energising and revitalising mood. Peppermint oil might be of a good use when experiencing headaches or nausea. Popular lavender oil not only smells divine but might also have a soothing and calming effect on the nerves, relieving tension and insomnia. Lemon essential oil is known for its cleansing and antibacterial properties.

Try a few drops in your bath for a sensual experience or sprinkle a few drops in an electric vaporiser to help you fall asleep smoothly. For personal care, you can make an easy natural face wash with an antibacterial essential oil or create your own homemade deodorant. For household uses, you can put together a ‘greener’ all-purpose cleaner using oil with disinfectant properties.

Product Reviews

  • Lime essential oil and Magnesium


    I'm pleased with the Lime essential oil. I use it especially in my own home-made toothpaste but I have purchased a diffuser (also called a mini atomization humidifier) to whcih I have added the lime oil and it is working.
    However PLEASE let me know soon what other essential oil(s) might be used for scented air in a room. I particularly think to buy frankinsence but I would like to hear from you before I purchase.
    I like having your Organic Magnesium Ultra which I use, along with other natural prducts (for example dried hawthorne and hibiscus to make teas) in place of allopathic high blood pressure medication.... Barrie North



  • Excellent as a relaxant and destress tool.


    I purchased this for a family member who suffers from anxiety. It was recommended to him by an online friend. Used in an oil burner it is truly very relaxing. Used in the evenings it also helps him to get to sleep.



  • Fantastic product


    I have a heart arythmmia and use Ylang Ylang with a carrier oil to massage around my heart at bedtime (and any other time I feel stressed or have palpitations).
    It works wonderfully to calm; as it regulates the heart rate and lowers high blood pressure. It relaxes and gives a great nights sleep, better than any other natural products I’ve tried. Beats taking harmful drugs!



Wellness Blog

  • Top 10 Essential Oils and Its Amazing Uses

    What are essential oils? Essential oils are one of the hottest things in natural health right now, with millions of people utilising them in daily life to support the wellbeing of their whole families. Essential ...

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