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Mindful Brand


Organic Baby Balm

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Kiwiherb Organic Baby Balm has been specifically formulated for use on delicate skin to rapidly soothe, protect & hydrate. 

It is a gentle ointment formulation that contains a blend of natural herbs and oils that help to soften and soothe skin in the nappy area, head, cracked nipples, or any dry chapped skin. 

These ingredients work quickly and gently to soothe and deeply hydrate, to help protect the skin.

100% natural and suitable for all ages.





  • 专为0-12岁儿童研制
  • 专家独特配方-新西兰土著慈姑草木
  • 快速缓解及修复发炎受刺激皮肤
  • 防止干燥,开裂及发炎
  • 消炎和修复(金盏花,洋甘菊)- 平息炎症,快速修复及刺激组织再生
  • 抗菌,消炎(金盏花,新西兰土著慈姑草木)-杀菌及抵预皮肤真菌感染
  • 收敛(金盏花,新西兰土著慈姑草木)-化脓并通过形成保护层而促进皮肤收敛修复
  • 滋润,保湿(橄榄油,椰子油)-为干燥皮肤补水,并防止干燥,开裂





金盏花(有机)                                                  5.6%

洋甘菊 (有机)                                                 3.3%

新西兰土著慈姑草木                                            2.5%









  • For external use only.
  • Those allergic to Asteraceae family plants (eg chamomile, artichokes, daisies) should patch test first.
  • Avoid contact with clothing or bedding immediately after application to prevent transfer.

All Ages – Apply to affected area 2-3 times daily.

Calendula flower (organic) 5.6%
Chamomile flower (organic) 3.3%
Koromiko herb 2.5%

In a therapeutic base of New Zealand olive oil, organic beeswax, coconut oil & lavender essential oil (as antioxidant).

  • Used to soothe, protect & hydrate skin
  • Healing ingredients useful for dry, irritated, chapped skin
  • Specifically formulated to be used on delicate skin
  • 100% natural & suitable for all ages

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11-02-2021 13:38:09
Magic balm
11-02-2021 13:38:09
This baby balm is the best! Ive had ingrown hairs on my legs and they become these big scars on my legs it looks awful! But i bought this and o can say that after 3 applications it minimizes the scars, i couldnt believe it! Definitely recommend for scars, acne, cuts, rushes anything!!

19-10-2017 14:24:20
19-10-2017 14:24:20
Clears up nappy rashes overnight. we use this for the whole family. Heals cuts, rashes, cracked skin etc.

29-06-2017 21:00:00
Great stuff
29-06-2017 21:00:00
This stuff is gold, clears up nappy rash so well and so good for baby's skin! All natural safe products

07-12-2016 02:24:11
Best Healing Ointment
07-12-2016 02:24:11
I asked my naturopath if she could recommend a good healing cream and she pointed to Kiwiherb's Baby Balm. It is hands down the best healing ointment I have ever used. I use it for insect bites, cuts, blemishes and when my 78 young neighbour's fell off his bicycle I brought him my pottle and his leg which was a mess healed with lightening speed

21-08-2016 17:58:08
Does the trick
21-08-2016 17:58:08
I have tried several different baby balms and this is the one I come back to time and time again as nothing else helps clear up nappy rash like kiwiherb does.

02-02-2016 16:58:51
Amazing stuff
02-02-2016 16:58:51
My 1 year old son has had a really terrible rash around his mouth from teething/dribble. We tried a few other creams but this balm has just cleared the rash up almost entirely! It soothes the itch for him as well as creating a barrier to prevent it from getting drier. We're so happy with this product.

18-09-2015 16:17:29
18-09-2015 16:17:29
I win this cream in a competition and what a blessing for my dry irritated skin. It had soothed and moisturised with no irritation I normally notice with some creams. Thanks will definitely buy again

07-05-2015 22:54:10
Baby balm
07-05-2015 22:54:10
Hella awesome!!! I found my son was hypo on the steroid creams, and all other moisturisers did not help at all :( The steroid creams did contain his eczema, but it was always reoccurring .. Baby balm is a god send not only is he not bouncing off the walls, but it totally moisturises him without the yucky sweaty feeling ~ thanks Kiwiherb

11-10-2014 13:22:49
great for my eczema!
11-10-2014 13:22:49
I have eczema on my hand, and this is the best thing I have found for keeping it healed and non- itchy, especially after washing dishes! Also works on my sons nappy rash :D
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