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Mindful Brand

Misty Day Plant Potions

Mini Giftbox

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Mindful Brands
Mindful Brand Misty Day Plant Potions is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
Misty Day Plant Potions Mini Giftbox brings together the most popular and delicious misty day herbal potions in a beautiful magical giftbox. Perfect as a gift this stunning box contains five 25g jars of potions as curated by Misty Day Plant Potions. 
Bliss is a potent blend of the best tonic and adaptogenic herbs traditional Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine can offer. Blended into an easy to use herbal powdered potion that supports resilience from the stressors of the modern existence. A herbaceous, Cacao based blend of Ashwagandha for calm during the storm, Turmeric and Mucuna for resilience of mind and mood, He Shou Wu for supporting spiritual connection and Astragalus for winter wellness.
This adaptogenic blend has a sultry flavour and can easily be added to your morning coffee, to smoothies, or by itself in warm milk. Let your imagination run free and your body and mind will thank you. 
Lovers is a beautiful sultry love potion full of adaptogenic and tonic herbs for supporting healthy libido, balance and pleasure. In a base of Cacao and Cayenne,  Lovers Brew provides a potent organic extract of the ultimate womens stress herb, Shatavari, to relax, lubricate and balance. Alongside Damiana to stimulate the pleasure centre and relax the spirit, Maca to support adrenal glands under pressure and rose, the flower of love and romance to calm and open the heart and soul.  Everyone deserves a fulfilling love life! 
Have a heart people this is not a beetroot latte! - this blend is a confident pink herbal potion to support a healthy energy levels and a healthy heart and all the things that it promotes like oxygenation, performance and ahhh living? Beetroot supports healthy blood flow, oxygenation, energy and performance, Ginger is beets perfect companion as it is spicy and expansive while Cordyceps and Elethero are lovely adaptogens specific for supporting healthy energy levels and recovery. The tonic herb Astragalus is in there as it supports supports against the ills of the modern lifestyle and also has a real affinity for the heart your immune resilience. 
Shroom  contains mystical, powerful shrooms that are thought to support your physical, spiritual and mental being. In a base of cacao and peppermint,  
Shroom  provides the dual extracted extracts of the fabled and powerful king of the mushrooms - chaga- an adaptogen and antioxidant which supports general health and vitality alongside the amazing smart guy of the funghi world – Lions mane- which is used traditionally to support a healthy nervous system and memory.  Added into this blend is a potent extract of the  cognitive herb gotu kola thought to support a sharp mind and a calm outlook.
This is the new wave way to start your day - get into this shroomy blend.  
Zen is more than just a blue drink. Sure, its blue but it contains a herbalist developed magical blend of ingredients to make your mind and body sparkle. Cosmic Brew provides the calming, blue, antioxidant rich blue Spirulina extract alongside Pineapple powder and Ginger to support digestive calm and comfort and the adaptogenic herbs Holy Basil or Tulsi and Ashwagandha– ancient herbs from Ayurveda which aid in providing resilience from the modern world while supporting a calm, cool clear outlook. 
This blend is 100% vegan, tastes delicious and is super vibrant and can be added to anything you please!
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult with your healthcare practitioner before use.
Add: One level teaspoon to hot water or milk, add your sweetener of choice and blend to make a beautiful elixir. Can also be added to smoothies/juices, desserts, baking.
BLISS 25gm:
Raw Criollo Cacao*, Turmeric*, Ashwagandha Extract*, He Shou Wu Extract, Astragalus Extract*, Mucuna Extract*, Ginger*, Cinnamon*,  Himalayan Sea Salt
LOVERS 25gm:
Raw Criollo Cacao*, Rose*, Maca*, Damiana Extract Shatavari Extract** Cinnamon Powder*, Cayenne*, Himalayan Sea Salt 
POWER 25gm:
Beetroot Powder*, Raw Criollo Cacao*, Ginger Powder*, Cardamom Powder*, Cordyceps Extract* , Eleuthero Extract, Astragalus Extract* Cinnamon Powder*, Himalayan Sea Salt
SHROOM 25gm:
Raw Criollo Cacao *, Chaga Extract***, Lions Mane Extract***, Gotu Kola extract**, Peppermint* Himalayan Sea Salt
ZEN 25gm:
Coconut Milk Powder, Pineapple Powder, Ginger*, Blue Spirulina Extract , Ashwagandha Extract*, Holy Basil ( Tulsi) Extract* , Stevia, Himalayan Sea Salt
*Organic ingredients.
** Chaga and Lions mane are both fruiting bodies, dual extracted extracts, tested for contaminants and 100% organic.
  • Supports stress, energy & mood
  • Supports hormonal balance 
  • Supports healthy immunity
  • Easy to use - add to drinks, smoothies or food

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01-03-2021 16:20:51
Super nice
01-03-2021 16:20:51
Bought this set for my daughter heading to uni - she loves them and I love thinking of her sipping away on their goodness far from home, without her Mum to make her cuppas! Beautifully presented in the box.

19-09-2020 08:27:53
Magical Treat
19-09-2020 08:27:53
I already love the Shroom potion in my morning coffee. I ordered this box to try the other flavours and I wasn’t disappointed! This would make the perfect gift for someone that needed to weave in a little more self-care.

16-07-2020 15:06:13
try them all!
16-07-2020 15:06:13
A nice way to try all the flavours. The box is beautifully designed but a lot of packaging for 5 little jars. Hope to find my favourite and buy a full jar next time.
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