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Mooncup - Smarter Sanitary Protection

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Mindful Brand Mooncup is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more

Due to the nature of this product we are unable to accept returns.

The Mooncup is the original silicone menstrual cup designed by women to be a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Loved by women all around the world, and made in the UK by a multi-award winning ethical business, the Mooncup menstrual cup offers an end to the waste, discomfort and expense of disposable sanitary protection.

Made from soft medical grade silicone, the Mooncup is latex-free and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches. It’s also great for women with sensitive skin. Tampons can cause dryness and leave fibres behind. The Mooncup is designed to respect your natural balance.

As part of their commitment to producing the highest quality menstrual cup on the market today and supporting users and distributors with the best customer service, Mooncup have had their company headquarters successfully assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of the ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 standard for the manufacture and distribution of menstrual cups.

On average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea.

One woman uses up to 22 items of sanitary protection every period. Regardless of your flow, you only need one Mooncup, and it lasts for years and years, making it the most economical sanitary product you can buy.

In some instances an IUD/IUS may be dislodged when used in conjunction with a Mooncup. If you choose to use the Mooncup with an IUD/IUS and think your IUD/IUS is causing pain or suspect it has moved, use another form of contraception such as a condom and have your IUD/IUS checked by a medical professional. 

It is not recommend to clean the holes of your Mooncup with a pin. 

Microwave steam cleaning is also not recommend.

How to determine the size for you: 
(Please select your size carefully.  Due to the nature of this product we are unable to accept returns.)

SIZE A is for:
Recommended for those who are 30 and over, and all who have given birth vaginally regardless of age.

SIZE B is for:
Recommended for those under the age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally.

Please follow instructions provided with the product packaging.

To remove, break the seal, squeeze the bottom of the cup. Be sure not to pull it out by holding the stem alone. 

The Mooncup is made from medical grade silicone and is latex free and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches.

It is suitable for women with sensitive skin or allergies.

  • Up to 8 hours protection
  • Reusable and lasts for years
  • Just one Mooncup covers light to super plus days

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13-06-2020 21:24:37
Worth a go
13-06-2020 21:24:37
This was my first try with a menstrual cup. I purchased the larger size as per the instructions. I had to cut the stem right off in order to have the cup fit correctly (that is, wearing it without being able to feel any of the stem). At times I can still feel the bottom of the cup, so as yet after two cycles I haven't been able to get the fit 100% correct. Perhaps I need to size down or just get better at inserting it. The cup itself looks like it is made well and out of quality materials.

Georgia C
20-05-2020 21:13:13
20-05-2020 21:13:13
I've tried to use this through two periods and I find it difficult to get the hang of. I find it doesn't stay in place but is very difficult to remove, especially without getting my hands too grotty. I will keep giving this a go as I like the idea of not buying tampons but so far I still prefer to reach for my tampons as they are cleaner and easy to remove. I would not trust wearing this out of the house as I have experienced alot of leakage (I do get very heavy periods). This may not be the correct cup for me so I could try a different sort of menstrual cup. Thanks

23-04-2020 16:11:06
Tricky to use at first
23-04-2020 16:11:06
I am so glad i actually read the insructions and looked up tutorials online on how to insert this! When i first purchased i was inserting the cup as high as i could like a tampon, this was causing me a lot of discomfort and frustration, so once i started inserting only until you could just feel the cup at the entrance it has been a huge success (definitely trim the tail)! I did buy the smaller size even though i have had 2 vaginal births and it seems to be fine !

18-09-2019 19:30:33
Great product!
18-09-2019 19:30:33
I had been meaning to try one of these for a long time and finally stopped putting it off. I went with my gut instinct for sizing and got the smaller size, rather than the recommended size - and I am very pleased I did. Yes this takes a bit of getting used to and a bit of trial and error, but I am really happy I tried it and will continue to use the mooncup!

14-06-2019 20:03:47
Too big!
14-06-2019 20:03:47
I rated this as a good product as i cannot know until its worked for me properly. \nIve had two children naturally but the size recommended was way too big and truly painful to use . So unfortunately for me its a very e pensive exercise. \nHowever, i AM going to try again on the smaller size, but my advice is, if you KNOW you have a narrow passage, don\'t follow the guidelines. \nTrust your instinct first and foremost. \n

Donna looney
08-06-2019 19:30:21
Not happy with this product
08-06-2019 19:30:21
Reading the reviews I thought I would give it a go. Very disappointed. Leaked, messy uncomfortable. Total waste of money.

25-02-2019 16:16:14
Fantastic cup
25-02-2019 16:16:14
This is the second type of menstrual cup I tried. And the mooncup was so much better than the first.I love that I am no longer putting chemicals into my body via tampons and the cost saving is a bonus.When holidaying just packing my mooncup so so much easier than packing enough tampons.I would recommend this to anyone thinking of changing from tampons to a cup.

22-11-2018 21:08:10
Worth learning to use it!
22-11-2018 21:08:10
With so much in the news recently about the price of tampons, and facing an increasingly heavy flow, I finally decided to try out the Mooncup. After using tampons for a good 30-odd years, it was hard to go back to having to think about how to insert a product and taking the time to do it correctly, as opposed to the old 'shove a tampon up there and off you go'! But it's well worth it. It holds a great amount, I normally have huge problems on the first day of my period and the Mooncup held a lot more than a tampon would. I also liked on the lighter days that I didn't have to hold a string out of the way to pee! Or having to change a tampon regularly and end up dry and uncomfortable. It's definitely worth getting used to inserting, and only takes one cycle to get comfortable with using it. Definitely would recommend it, way better than tampons or pads.

29-08-2018 02:25:50
29-08-2018 02:25:50
Great for the environment and me and easier to use than I expected. Goodbye costly tampons!
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