Kids Immunity

Little ones seem to pick up every bug doing the rounds – it’s all part and parcel of growing up. The good news is they often recover from ills and chills quickly. Sometimes, however some extra immune support is needed, so we offer a range of kids immunity supplements to support their growing bodies.

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Digestive health is a primary driver of immune health. With approximately 70% of our immune system in our digestive system it’s important to support the balance of gut flora to then support immune health.

While getting sick is a normal and important part of growing up, it’s not fun for your children or you. And just as your kids recover from one bout there seems to be another one, particularly throughout the winter months if they’re at childcare or school.

Everyday immune support for kid’s daily wellness can offer more long term support for general health and wellbeing through the times of the year when ills and chills are at their most prevalent.

Kids vitamins, minerals and herbs also offer support for kids’ immune systems when under direct attack from winter bugs and can offer acute immune support as needed.

The importance of sleep is also crucial for kids’ immune health. And not just when they’re sick, but even when they are well. Sleep enables our bodies to repair and recuperate and children in fact need more sleep than us adults to support their busy little bodies that are always on the go.

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