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Say No to Plastic Microbeads

For most people, a quick shower is all we have time for in our hectic lives, with little time for really taking care of our skin. Something that can make a huge difference to not only the appearance of our skin but to our circulation and lymphatic system is a body scrub. HealthPost carries a range of beautiful body scrubs, free from nasty chemicals. As part of our Good Ingredients Promise, we’ve put a ban on plastic microbeads in our products – and we’re happy to see New Zealand following suit in June this year.

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that are frequently used in cosmetic products, such as face and body scrubs, for their exfoliating abilities. Unfortunately, these small pieces of plastic pose a great threat to our environment and marine life. Often made from polyethylene, microbeads do not dissolve in water or break down in the environment. Instead, they accumulate in rivers and oceans and are often mistaken for food by fish and other sea life, harming them and us. Because of their small size, they are virtually impossible to clean up, and due to their buoyancy, travel far and wide by water currents. For more info have a read of our Say “No” to Plastic Microbeads blog article.

Fortunately, there are many natural and eco-friendly alternatives you can use as part of your beauty routine that are healthier for you, and the planet.
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Body Scrub Info

With their ability to remove dead layers of skin cells from your body, as well as prepare the skin both before and after shaving, body scrubs are a valuable addition to your beauty routine.

While some people use a body brush to do this, a body exfoliation product can add a bit of luxury to your bath or shower and leave you feeling clean, fresh and your skin silky smooth. But like most products used in our personal care routines, body scrubs can be notoriously full of harmful chemicals for both ourselves and our planet, including environmentally damaging microbeads that are slowly being phased out.

Our range of body scrub products are all gentle and safe, with exfoliants including various nut powders, sea salt, and coffee, designed to do everything from energise, invigorate and polish.

Product Reviews

  • beautiful product


    I was waiting for this product without knowing it. Lovely soft exfoliate and beautiful silky finish.



  • Nice, definitely exfoliating


    This smells nicely of lime. I needed to use it quite generously to exfoliate sufficiently and it seems to be running down rapidly after just a couple of goes. I don’t think it will last as long as it suggests which makes it kind of expensive as the bar is not as big as the other blocks. Will try the moccacino one next time but this one is nice. Texture reminds me of the old sand soap in Mum’s laundry for grubby hands - but instead it smells nice.



  • scrumptious


    I have used dry coffee scrub before and loved it but it made such a mess and was hard to use, so this was a great find! smells fab and skin feels wonderful after.



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