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Natural Mouthwash

Looking after our oral hygiene is an important part of our daily personal care regime, and using a good mouthwash can play an important role in ensuring our teeth and gums are kept in tip top shape. Mouthwash helps to eliminate harmful bugs and assists in toning and soothing gums. Our range of natural mouthwash products include numerous herbs and minerals to support good oral hygiene.

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Natural Mouthwash Info

Natural oral care products are surging in popularity, as people turn away from the toxic chemicals that fill many commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes and look to safer alternatives. Many mainstream products contain extremely high levels of alcohol alongside potentially harmful ingredients such as triclosan and irritant foaming agents including sodium lauryl sulfate.

Natural Mouthwash Benefits

Thankfully, many safe natural toothpastes and mouthwashes are available as alternatives, rich in herbal extracts known to support healthy oral flora and mucosa and maintain strong teeth and gums, lowering inflammation and tightening gums.

Try Weleda Ratanhia mouthwash, rich in traditional astringent herbs to soothe and tone gums, or Kiwiherb Manuka Mouthwash, containing New Zealand natives manuka and tanekaha for a high-potency burst of cleaning power. Numerous mouth sprays are also available in our range, for fresh breath and clean teeth no matter where you are.

Product Reviews

  • Brilliant


    I have come back to this product after trying alternatives. This lasts for ages and the glass bottle is a win for the planet (and my conscience). I shake a few drops into a shot glass of warm water until the water goes cloudy.



  • Excellent product


    I got this for my friend, shes asthmatic and has a problem of a dry mouth. Originally it was for dry mouth which worked great for her and an unexpected bonus is that it helps her asthma, she doesn't need her inhalers as much. I cant say if that it will work the same for others but her circumstances it has helped enormously.



  • Great product


    My mouth feels fresh and clean, great taste



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