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Sambucus Original

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- Immune supporting elderberry extract for winter ills and chills and niggly throats -

This pleasant tasting Sambucus Original black elderberry syrup was developed by world renowned virologist, Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu.

Sambucus is the world's best selling and most extensively researched black elderberry extract and is produced with a patented process which uniquely isolates the key active constituent of elderberries.

Used by millions of people with positive results being reported worldwide, Sambucus is especially popular for promoting good health during the winter season.

Usage: Viral infections including seasonal, childhood and adult infections.

For centuries the dark berries of European black elderberries have been used for winter ills and chills. In recent years, researchers have proven elderberry’s broad spectrum efficacy in numerous studies. Continuing research suggests that elderberry provides excellent support for the body’s first line of defence against a broad spectrum of viruses.

Outbreaks of seasonal ills and chills are common and according to the World Health Organisation as many as 15% of a population may be affected by one or more strains of virus during an average autumn and winter season.  Although vaccinations are thought to offer some protection, they are often ineffective. As many as half of those vaccinated may suffer complications and the wily viruses can have varied structures which are not affected by the antibodies produced in response to the vaccine.

Elderberry, on the other hand, is safe, natural and appears to work by supporting the body’s own natural ability to effectively fight against a wide variety of viruses.

For daily maintenance: Adults take 2 teaspoons daily, children take 1 teaspoon daily.

For intensive use: Adults take 2 teaspoons four times daily, children take 1 teaspoon four times daily.

Each 10ml Serve Provides:

Black Elderberry (berry) 100mg
Extract standardized to BioActives from 6.4gm (6,400mg) of premium cultivar elderberries.

Also contains: Fructose, Purified water, Vegetable-source glycerin, Malic acid, Natural raspberry flavour with other natural flavours.


No Artificial Preservatives.

Gluten Free.

Kosher Certified.

  • See also: Sambucus for Kids
  • Ideal for viral infections
  • Standardised, high-potency black elderberry extract
  • Suitable for both children and adults

For more info check out the two elderberry blog articles:

Diffusing the viral takeover bid with black elderberry
Elderberry – Fight the Flu Symptoms

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29-01-2020 19:30:09
So so sweet
29-01-2020 19:30:09
I am not sure about the properties, but this seems far too sweet to be healthy! I don\'t know why they needed to add this much sugar, it just seems so excessive. So I guess I will look for another brand that is not quite so full of sweeteners.

22-10-2019 19:30:23
Sambucus Original
22-10-2019 19:30:23
I have dentures and implant on the bottom gum which always seem inflamed finding that this product eleviates the pain. I find it very good and probably it helps my immune system\nThanks

27-07-2016 03:46:31
Great tasting health promotion product
27-07-2016 03:46:31
My son will not take the influenza vaccination, but loves Sumbucus. With a daily does we have had no colds or sickness this entire school year. My only wish is that the product could come in a larger volume.

14-09-2015 15:07:26
Best stuff ever!
14-09-2015 15:07:26
If you catch any virus early, whether it be a tummy bug, cold or flu, Sambucus wipes it out. A sore throat disappears with one dose, a cough in the night is stopped. My son, aged 7, had a vomiting bug, one dose and the vomiting stopped. It's been amazing for my family. As an added bonus it tastes fantastic so the kids enjoy it even when they are feeling a bit off.

24-08-2015 18:39:08
Slightly disappointed..... but...
24-08-2015 18:39:08
I had read about the healing properties of Sambucus and the elderberry plant especially for winter illnesses. My whole family came down with a nasty flu and some of us were then getting secondary infections, so thought I would trial this product. I cannot honestly report that it was a "miracle cure" (they are few and far between), but it may have assisted in my return to wellness - hard to prove really. I was however disappointed in the sugar content of the product @ 6g per serving (more than a tsp), meaning that my diabetic husband could not take it. Plus my health conscious adult children refused too, so it was just me giving it a go. I realise I could have returned the product, but had already opened it; or checked the sugar content prior to purchase! The plus side is that it is not added cane sugar, but fructose from the elderberry, which isn't quite so bad, but still sugar none the less! Also quite a dear product for what it is.

21-08-2015 09:33:29
Beat flu!
21-08-2015 09:33:29
I've used this product for many years, dosing myself with it whenever I feel any respiratory bug coming on. If taken early enough it never fails. I haven't had flu in over 10 years, never have flu injections. A wonderful product.

11-07-2015 00:22:19
Fantastic immune support for children
11-07-2015 00:22:19
I have purchased Sambucus Original for years and always ensure I have a bottle in my cupboard during winter. As soon as my son (7 years old) shows any sign of a sniffle or being run down I give him maximum dose for a week or so. It helps him fight off most colds, or if he does catch something, ensures he bounces back much quicker. He is never off school for more than a day. I find it particularly effective for respiratory symptoms and starting a course early means a flu or cold doesn't get into his chest. Also, he loves having it as it tastes really good.

03-02-2015 19:01:54
Excellent the medicine you can actually take if you are pregnant sooths the throat and does not affect the baby
03-02-2015 19:01:54
Aids in curing the flu symptons within days

03-02-2015 06:01:54
Excellent the medicine you can actually take if you are pregnant sooths the throat and does not affect the baby
03-02-2015 06:01:54
Aids in curing the flu symptons within days
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