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Nature's Way

SystemWell Ultimate Immunity

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Mindful Brands
Mindful Brand Nature's Way is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more

Nature's Way SystemWell is a multi-system defense formula for seven essential aspects of healthy immunity:

  1. Epidermal
  2. Respiratory
  3. Digestive
  4. Systemic
  5. Circulatory
  6. Cellular
  7. Lymphatic
Maintaining healthy immune function or rebuilding a depleted immune system is the key to surviving the winter bug-free. Many factors affect overall immunity including poor diet, taxing environmental conditions, stress, smoking and alcohol consumption. When our immune system is compromised we may feel tired or lethargic and we become more susceptible to illness through germs, bacteria and other foreign invaders.

Ultimate immunity comes when all seven mechanisms of our natural defences are healthy and working together properly. By addressing the immune system holistically, SystemWell assists the body in achieving ultimate healthy immune function in all areas of the body: to help prevent infection and allergenic immune reactions, and also to boost general well-being.

SystemWell includes 33 herbs and nutrients such as olive leaf, echinacea, arabinogalactan, IP-6, reishi, cayenne, Siberian eleuthero plus vitamins, zinc and selenium.

Nature's Way SystemWell is one of the first supplements to support all aspects of natural immunity. Supports immune strength to help maintain wellness, especially during seasonal weather changes and winter. Also a great formula for convalescence and general well-being.

  • Do not use this product if pregnant, nursing or attempting to become pregnant. 
  • Do not use this product if you have a bleeding disorder, are taking blood thinning medication, or are within a week of any surgical procedure. 
  • Not recommended for individuals with an autoimmune condition. 
  • Persons with allergies to plants of the Asteraceae (Compositae) family including ragweed should use this product with caution.
  •  If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, a kidney disorder, or are taking any medications, consult a healthcare professional before use. 
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage per day.
  • Do not use in place of prescribed anti-virals or anti-infectives.
  • This product contains selenium which is toxic in high doses.  A daily dose of 150 micrograms for adults of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded.

For intensive use when immune response may be compromised: Take 3 tablets up to twice daily with water.

For daily maintenance: Take 1-2 tablets daily with water as needed.

Each 3 Tablets Provide:

Nutritional immunity blend:

Vitamin A 5000IU
Vitamin C 1gm
Vitamin D 200IU
Zinc 15mg
Selenium 25mcg
Sodium 5mg

Circulatory immunity blend:

Cayenne 160mg
Cordyceps 160mg
Garlic 190mg

Systemic immunity blend:

Echinacea purpurea 250mg
Astragalus 100mg
Olive Leaf 65mg
Myrrh Gum 40mg

Cellular immunity blend:

IP-6 75mg
Maitake Mushroom 60mg
Shitake Mushroom 60mg
Yamabushitake Mushroom 60mg
Reishi Mushroom 60mg

Digestive immunity blend:

Arabinogalactan 95mg
Oregon Grape 70mg
Fructooligosaccharides 60mg
Primadophilus Probiotic blend 2.7mg

Respiratory immunity blend:

Elecampane 40mg
Fenugreek 75mg
Horehound 75mg
Thyme 50mg

Lymphatic immunity blend:

Gugul extract 65mg
Rosemary 65mg
Siberian Eleuthero 65mg
Plantain 20mg

Epidermal immunity blend:

Gotu Kola 50mg
Aloe leaf blend 25mg

Also contains: Vegetable cellulose, vegetable modified cellulose, vegetable modified cellulose gum, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica, vegetable glycerin.

  • Unique herbal and nutritional immune support complex
  • Provides support to 7 different aspects of the immune system
  • Very comprehensive, popular, immune support formula

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5 out of 5
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27-09-2021 11:03:17
Absolute Lifesaver!
27-09-2021 11:03:17
Love this multivitamin especially in Flu season.

21-09-2021 09:37:33
Amazing product
21-09-2021 09:37:33
I have been taking this product for over 10 years now and I find that it helps to keep all of my systems working and clear of any infection that might occur. Having had several bouts of pneumonia my lungs have become scarred, so this product helps to keep them clear and functioning well. If I feel I am getting a little run-down I just take 3 instead of 1 and it boosts me back up and ready to fight off any infection that might rear it's ugly head. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an all round great vitamin supplement.

22-04-2021 09:13:37
immunity support
22-04-2021 09:13:37
Always have these come the colder months when the flu season is about. Take one a day unless I feel a bit of a niggle then up to 2 a day. Works well at keeping the bugs at bay - not been sick since taking these :)

30-01-2021 13:13:15
Excellent product
30-01-2021 13:13:15
Been using this for immunity for over 2 years now & so good for keeping colds away, just 1 per day

05-01-2021 06:32:29
Highly recommended. It works!
05-01-2021 06:32:29
I have been taking this product for many years. I am an early childhood teacher and exposed to all sorts of respiratory and digestive viruses. I am always the last one standing when the rest of our teaching team have succumbed! I take 1 a day as a maintenance dose and increase to 3 daily if I begin to get a cold. This helps me to fight it off very quickly and bounce back with full energy levels.

11-09-2020 09:10:15
Kept me well all winter
11-09-2020 09:10:15
Who knows if these things even work, but the proof could be in the eating: I haven’t experienced any of my usual illnesses over winter. Could be coincidence, but I’m going to continue taking them just in case.

01-08-2020 19:26:08
Still a great product!
01-08-2020 19:26:08
This is my 2nd winter taking these. They definitely do do the trick. I will continue using them.

20-07-2020 12:52:11
Systemwell immunity
20-07-2020 12:52:11
This immunity supplement seems to work the best for me. Taking it all winter and not having any colds or flu. Thanks Healthpost for great customer service and rapid deliveries.

29-01-2020 20:03:55
great product
29-01-2020 20:03:55
I have a compromised immune system and catch viruses that hang around for months, took this product and immediately felt better. I do note though that it has a blood thinning component and as I have thin skin I have to be more careful when I am gardening
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