Mens Pro-Erex™ Products are specifically designed to enhance the male body and its functions by targeting healthy testosterone levels, supporting sexual performance, energy, stamina, muscle mass, supporting blood flow to the reproductive organs for healthy erectile function, sexual virility, performance and prostate health. 

Womens Pro-Erex™ Include daily and occasional supplements specifically formulated to enhance the female libido and sexual enjoyment, targeting energy levels, vitality and hormonal balance.  ProErex also provide a herbal formulation designed to target hormonal health and blood flow for optimal sexual enjoyment, healthy sexual arousal, response and sexual desire. 

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ProErex MEN: includes synergistic blends of key herbs and nutrients to optimally support men’s overall health and wellbeing. ProErexs products can have a remarkable ability to support testosterone levels in men, which naturally decline with ageing and poor health. As well as supporting the body’s ability to maintain muscle mass.

New Zealand Grapeseed extract offers antioxidant support to help protect the body from the effects of ageing and stress.

Siberian ginseng targets stress, fatigue and debility to support the body’s energy levels and offer antioxidant support.

Selenium, zinc and vitamin D all support men’s reproductive health, including testosterone production, sperm health, fertility, prostate health and sexual function.

 Panax ginseng has been used for supporting erection problems for over 5000 years by ancient Chinese Emperors and today its efficacy has been documented in several double-blind clinical trials.

Tribulus also has a long history of use for supporting male reproductive health and wellbeing, while Ginkgo’s vasodilatory effects have also been found to support the body in times of sexual dysfunction. 

ProErex WOMEN: include blends of key herbs and nutrients to naturally support sexual experience and hormonal balance in women.  Targeting key hormones to help women enjoy healthy sexual activity. 

The fenugreek plant, works by balancing testosterone levels in women to support sexual desire, sexual cognition, sexual arousal, sexual experience, orgasm and sex drive.  

Shatavari - is known as the “Queen of Herbs” in Ayurveda due to its powerful rejuvenating effect in women’s health, sexuality and fertility. Shatavari works by; supporting libido, hormonal balance, healthy regular cycles and by also targeting PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Rhodiola - another restorative herb to help support the body in times of stress, low energy or low mood. Rhodiola has both pharmacological and traditional evidence for targeting healthy energy levels, concentration and mood. Rhodiola supports physical and sexual performance including libido as well as supporting the body to cope with stress and low mood. 

Tribulus also targets hormones in women for sexual arousal and response, while Ginkgo has a vasodilatory effect also found to support the body in times of sexual dysfunction and target sexual desire.

Vitamin B6 – this is a key vitamin to support the body in times of stress by supporting the synthesis of key mood balancing hormones. Additionally B6 supports hormonal balance during the month especially during the premenstrual phase.

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