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Pure Delish are a company whose reputation for wholesome foods with no compromise on taste have led to a dedicated fan-base and myriad food industry awards. Founded by Karen Staples around Christmas 1997, the company has grown from those humble beginnings into a leading producer of nutritious, healthy foods. Pure Delish have been producing their delicious, hand-crafted products for the last decade – and HealthPost carries a range of these gourmet delights.

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The movement away from mass-produced and largely manufactured food-like substances is well underway, with more and more people turning their wallets – and tastebuds - towards good old-fashioned ‘real’ food. Whilst this zeitgeist emerged largely in the last few years, there are some clever folk who’ve been ahead of the game and are now well-established in the good food market.

From delicious paleo-friendly breakfast crumble, mueslis, decadent cereals, and grain-free snack bars with no nasties, Pure Delish certainly live up to their name, with something for every taste and dietary requirement. All hand-crafted and hand-packaged by a small team, you can be sure you’re getting a product made with care – and only recognisable, wholesome ingredients you might find in your own pantry.

At Pure Delish they follow a tightly managed NZ Food Safety Programme which is externally audited annually by an accredited inspection body. Their allergen management programme is tightly managed from incoming raw ingredients, through to the packing of finished goods. Gluten testing of all of their gluten free products is done monthly.
Pure Delish is a Mindful Brand:
Environmentally Sustainable Environmentally Sustainable
Transparent Transparent
Socially Responsible Socially Responsible
Eco Packaging Eco Packaging