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Product Reviews

  • Clinicians thyroid support


    I have only taken these for a couple of day but I can already notice a huge difference and I will definitely be buying them again They have really kicked my sluggish thyroid into gear and I feel really good
    Pauline McNab



  • Beneficial additional supplement


    In my opinion most people are likely to be iodine deficient. Iodine is no longer added to salt. Our soils and foods other than sea foods are generally deficient, but more importantly other chemical halides such as chlorine and flourine in our water supplies compete with iodine for uptake by the thyroid gland. The prostate gland in males also has numerous iodine receptors. Although I have hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) as well as prostate problems, merely for the above reasons, maintaining higher levels of iodine intake may be beneficial for most people. Although I already supplement my iodine uptake with kelp, I have still found in my case that the dermal pathway provide for by this product is a beneficial additional means of iodine supplementation. Provided it is applied on different parts of the body, this product also has the additional benefit of indicating iodine load by way of the fade test. However it can cause irritation if applied on more sensitive skin, and this is something that perhaps women folk in particular, need to be more cautious about.



  • Suggestion for Fiona re use.


    It may be the oil of cinnamon that is causing a rash, not the iodine. Cinnamon increases the strength. I would suggest you use Lugol's or other iodine solution instead and do not use it everyday. I have used this roll-on on and off for several years. Only use it once the colour has completely faded.
    Highly recommended.



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