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Product Reviews

  • not for me


    Gave me terrible explosive diarrhoea and an upset stomach even though I am used to taking magnesium supplements. Will not be using this product again. But will try other ones.



  • Good product


    I have taken magnesium for years and find the Magnesium Sleep a product that also helps my sleep. I sure know when I’ve run out as I miss out on sleep as a result! Recommend it for everyone.



  • Great product


    This helped me to relax to get to sleep and when I woke in the middle of the night my mind was not whirling and I was able to get back to sleep within minutes.



Wellness Blog

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    In the summer months, many people might find a cooling fan is essential for a good night’s sleep. However, there are many more reasons than just overheating and being attacked by mosquitoes for sleep to ...

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    We all know that sleep is the foundation for kids to live happy and healthy lives. You will notice that children who sleep poorly at night are more likely to be moodier, find it hard ...

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