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    My 5 year old has suffered with terrible asthma since a toddler (perhaps even longer, was not diagnosed until toddler age), this is the first 8 weeks ininshe her life she has ever gone without needing to use her asthma pump, not even once! I am so relieved for her that she has a natural and easy to take alternative, can sleep peacefully through the night, no wheezing at all. I can not recommended this product enough! Give it a try, it has changed my daughters health significantly.



  • Extremely helping for bowels


    This product has been amazing for irritable bowel and acid reflux. Normalised bowel movements with a week on taking two a day. It's been years since bowel movements have been normal so am thrilled. I actually bought it for acid reflux/burning feeling in stomach which has also calmed this down. Also great if you suffer from excessive wind as I have now and then. Highly recommend. Will continue using.



  • Good


    Good tonic for helping heal the lungs .. especially smokers lungs!



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