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  • The hype is justified but keep your expectations realistic


    I'm not a user of supplements and this is the first one I've researched and decided to take.

    The benefits I perceive (which are subjective and anecdotal I admit) include:

    - general increase in energy levels (gradual and subtle, but noticeable)
    - better mood and generally my mind feels a little clearer.
    - vivid dreams (I haven't had such vivid and regular dreams for years)
    - increased sense of smell (I have had some sense of smell but it really became noticeable how much it had diminished when it returned after using this supplement. The world smells new again!)
    - increased tolerance for alcohol and reduced hangover. As I'm in my mid 30s I've noticed how much longer a hangover can last compared to when you are in your 20s. Although I'm not recommending anyone go out and get drunk, I'm astounded that in this particular way I feel like I'm 10-15 years younger.
    - slightly quicker recovery from exercise.

    It's hard to be sure that all the above are a consequence of NR but I have almost no doubt at least with regards to the dreams, sense of smell and alcohol tolerance. I can see no explanation for these effects from anything else that I'm doing. I am intending to continue using NR long term and I've noticed no adverse effects from its usage.

    I'm convinced NR has a lot of potential but I think people need to be realistic about expectations. If you are young and in very good shape I imagine you might not notice anything compared to an older person or someone who isn't in the best of shape (like myself). When I say I feel more energy it's hard to explain but I don't feel like I'm on some sort of party drug, it's just that I feel normal virtually all the time and previously I didn't. Prior to the last month I felt fatigue and energy levels would bottom out often. Now it just doesn't seem to happen very often and I feel more motivated and able to push on.



  • Affected by side effects


    I wasn’t a fan of this product at all. I bought it as I have high cholesterol but had to stop taking it after 3 days as I reacted to it. I now have a very itchy, white lumpy rash all over my lower legs which after some googling is a very real side effect of coq10.



  • Fantastic


    I take 2 capsules at night (otherwise it makes me feel exhausted and tired during the day) and I feel amazing - so much energy. I'm also taking to see if it helps my migraines but no difference there - nice to feel energetic though. I've been taking it for 2 months so far and will continue to do so.



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