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Ear Infection Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Garlic Oil Pearls - just as good for me than mosre expensie ones


    I find that these pearls work for me much better than the more expensive ones. If I am in danger of getting something I increase the dosage for a few days and then drop back as I dont get it. For many years I was taking a low dose regularly and then for some reason stopped. I caught every bug you could get. It took awhile for me to realize I was not taking it. I am now building up again but it was easier taking regularly. It is going to depend on what is best for your body.



  • Weleda Earache relief drops


    Wonderful product, using the drops once a week has cleared the blockages and help control the wetness ....



  • Easy to take and very effective


    I am always on the run and find this product very easy to take first thing in the morning. The taste is good and it must absorb really well as I am feeling better overall since taking it. I had a nasty cold every year around May and have avoided it completely this year despite being around people with colds and flus!



Wellness Blog

  • Chronic Ear Infection Treatment

      Unlike acute infections that are self-limiting and resolve within a short period of time, chronic ear infections are an acute infection that lasts longer than a month or a recurring ear infection that does ...

  • Otitis media, earache, ear infection, glue ear, swimmers ear

    One of the most common health issues for children is middle ear infection, also known as Otitis media. Up to 93% (1) of children will have experienced at least one ear infection by 2 years ...

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