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Product Reviews

  • Brilliant product


    Real top results after taking this product - all the intestinal tract feels lighter, digestion is faster and no bloating, cravings reduced to non-existent, losing weight. As to the taste, I understand it has medicinal use, so I accept it the way it is - and understand it is not meant to taste like chocolate cake. The results for me are more important then fantastic taste.



  • Great immune system back-up


    I discovered this product last winter when I was recovering from a nasty virus and feel sure it helped to get me back to better health. I now use it daily and have had no sign of a cold or flu all winter. I also believe it helps to keep my stomach from feeling bloated when I eat certain foods than would normally make me uncomfortable. I also love that it is a tiny capsule and easy to swallow plus a very affordable price from Health Post.



  • Magic formula


    This arrived yesterday and I started slowly and easing to three doses today. My Bowels are finally moving, I have been constipated for days, due to meds. Although stool hard, I am not in pain. I can't believe the parasites as well. My gosh, I regularly worm myself and pets, but I've noticed lots of wee thread worms. I'm generally a healthy person who exercises all the time and eats healthy. I just can't believe I've had parasites. Just revolting; but better gone! I know I'll be feeling a million dollars by the end of the week!



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