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Product Reviews

  • It really works.


    This is a great product. I have been using it for a couple of years now. I was getting migraines weekly but now only 1 every couple of months. I have noticed if I stop taking feverfew (like miss a week or two), the migraines come back with avengence. This product is definitely my saving grace! It takes about a month of regularly taking them for it to be effective.



  • Migradol is amzing


    I have suffered from crippling migraines for over thirty years. Often they are severe enough for a visit to A&E, and can last for many days. My migraines generally come on between midnight and early a.m, and seem to be sleep related.

    Over the years I have tried all the usual migraine related prescribed drugs. Approximately 6 months ago (and yes I was skeptical) I decided to give Migradol a try. Almost immediately my migraines improved. I still get the odd migraine, but whereby prior to taking Migradol, my migraines dominated my life, I am now mostly migraine free.



  • Effective but not without it's flaws


    This is a very effective magnesium supplement that really aids with sleep and recovery, there are a few issues with this product however.

    Once the bottle is opened and refrigerated (as per the instructions) some of the magnesium starts separating from the solution and it leaves solidified magnesium crystals at the bottle of the bottle. It feels like you're wasting part of the product as even after shaking the bottle vigorously the separation still occurs and that is less than ideal, especially for such an expensive supplement.

    Liposomal Magnesium is a fairly obscure supplement to find so there are not many alternatives, it works well, but you need to prepare yourself for some wastage in every bottle you use.



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