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Product Reviews

  • Do not use if migraine prone.


    Migraines and headaches plagued my life until I removed gluten from my diet. After more than 10 years free from any headaches or migraines I had a migraine on the third day after starting to use this product. It seems the MSM was most likely the problem as it has a noted side effect of causing migraines, especially in those who are migraine prone. Taking a glucosamine product without the MSM has not caused any problems for myself. The MSM component of this product seems to be a high risk substance for any one who has ever had a migraine problem as noted elsewhere on the internet.



  • Unbelievable!


    I have/had a number of joint issues brought about by old age, menopause and overuse of my smartphone (DeQuervain’s tendonitis).

    After a recommendation to include glucosamine chondroitin in my diet I reached for these supplements. Within a day of starting these supplements there was a noticeable difference in my pain levels and mobility; within a week there was a significant difference; and after 3 weeks the pain is gone and I have complete mobility again :-)

    I have been taking 1-a-day as opposed to the instructions of 2-a-day. I am worried that I may rebound if I stop taking these! I would highly recommend them to those with similar issues.



  • Great stuff.


    I have been taking this for 10 years now. I was told I would need hip replacement ops in 1 to 5 years. Since taking this my hips have improved but if I miss it for 5 days or more I do get pain. I really recommend this product.



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