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Product Reviews

  • Stopped sore boobs but period longer


    I have an estrogen dominance with low progesterone and estradiol. I decided to try this instead of DIM.
    Within in a few hours of taking first one my period seemed to arrive when I would hope it to , whereas last few months i have had long cycles.
    Boob soreness and mood challenges have been only 10% of previous months so I can say it seemed to help pms symptoms.
    However the actual period part has been heavier and longer. Those two very light days immediately after taking first dose, then 6 full proper period days. It seems to be slowing down now.
    I have not taken it today on case it's making me bleed longer.
    I'll start taking it again as soon as my boonbs or mood change next month.
    Worth a go. Has high dose of many natural helpers.



  • Great product


    These capsules eliminates muscle cramps when taken daily. When I forget or run out, the cramps return. Also it is great to have a Ca & Mg combined capsule, as we should always consume Calcium at the same time as Magnesium to keep them balanced. If you take Mg on it's own without Ca it can lead to an imbalance of Ca and the body then starts leaching it from bone, causing brittle bone syndrome. So I am glad that a Mg supplement company combines with Ca, and the added Vitamin D3 etc is a bonus for healthy bones.



  • It works


    I've read many reviews about how this supplement helps sleep.. I was doubtful but since I'm on regular calcium/magnesium supplement (different product with different ratio) anyway, might as well give it a try. Surprisingly I have noticed recently how I could sleep better and less restless at night. Will definitely continue with this.



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