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Product Reviews

  • Best one I've found


    This is the best calcium & magnesium supplement I've ever tried. I often get restless legs at night which I think might be caused by lack of magnesium? I also had not been sleeping well after surgery. Since taking one of these a day (I take in the early evening) I have noticed a real improvement in the quality of my sleep and have not had restless legs and I've only been taking this for 1 week so far. Thanks Healthpost.



  • Swisse Calcim + Vitamin D


    Wonderful product, with the calcium and vit d



  • Helps with chronic back pain


    I injured my lower back almost 10 years ago. I suffer from chronic pain and have tried every potion available and every prescribed pain killer available. The injury has lead to arthritis in my back now. I've always taken multivitamins and extra magnesium, omega etc. I recently started taking these and there has been a definite decrease in pain. I take them when I feel most in pain and in the morning or with meals. I'm starting to notice I'm sleeping better too. I wouldn't be without them.



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