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Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a form of inactive yeast, usually made of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, used extensively in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Known for its savoury flavor profile reminiscent of strong cheese or marmite, it makes a healthy and tasty substitute for cheese in dairy-free recipes when combined with other ingredients such as nuts, seeds, or into a sauce.

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Nutritional Yeast Info

Nutritional yeast is a compound rich in B vitamins, usually made from the yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is a rich source of vitamins B1 and B2 in particular, and is often fortified with vitamin B12, primarily due to its popularity in vegan and vegetarian cooking, making it a valuable source of B12 for vegans. Nutritional yeast is also a source of iron, and as it contains all essential amino acids is considered a complete protein.


How to Use Nutritional Yeast

The yeast comes as yellow powdery flakes that easily mix into recipes, and can be made into vegan ‘cheese’ or ‘cheese sauce’ by blending with ground nuts, tahini, oil or water. Sprinkled on top of foods it can be used on its own as a replacement for cheddar, making it equally useful for dairy-free diets.

Product Reviews

  • Easy to use


    Lovely taste to my cashew cheese receipe. Blended in well



  • useful


    first time I try it ,I founded it strange taste but now it is my favorites seasoning



  • The BEST tasting nutritional yeast.


    Thankfully this was the first brand of nutritional yeast I ever tried - every other one since has been a disappointment, some of them are not even comparable and taste entirely different. I may have given it up, had I not known about this stuff. This has the cheesiest yummy flavour, that I did not think was possible without the real thing. If you have been disappointed before and thrown the stuff out, please give this one a go! Try it with soaked or lightly boiled cashews (just pour boiling water over and cool), leave enough water for desired consistency, add as much yeast as you like and salt to bring out the flavour, and whirl up in the NutriBullet or blender. Sooo good over everything and great on pizza before baking, as the creamy cheesy layer in lasagna, on toast (add sundried tomatoes into the mix for an amazing spread or dip). Please bring this back into stock HealthPost!



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